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  1. Boards
    HI Guys... I already have a great Lib Tech Skunk Ape for an all terrain mountain board and I love it but i am looking for something to play around with on the parks only for boxes, rails, small jumps and general play. I love Lib Tech and would prefer to stay within that range and in...
  2. Boots
    second time ever buying boots. first time i had no idea what i was doing and bought boots too large. i want to get it right this time. im 5'11, 195lbs. ~sz 11 - 11.5 in shoes. i am THINKING of going with 32, but only b/c of their mainly good reviews. wanting to check out the ThirtyTwo Lashed...
  3. Boots
    Hello, I have a simple boot question. I have a pair of 2006 Burton Motos. When ever I use them the first 5 runs my feet will kill me. It will hurt right at the arch of the boot towards the heel. Has anyone else experienced this. Thanks
  4. Boards
    Hello everyone! thanky to you guys I decided on which board to buy, got the delivery today. Out of curiosity I grabbed my snowboard boots (size 13) and put them on the board. Now I am concerned wheather the board is wide enough. Here are some pictures that should show the situation. The...
1-4 of 4 Results