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female rider

  1. gnu ladies choice or b-pro?

    Hey guys, was wondering if yall could help me out with my board choice. i am about 5'6, 140, and consider myself an intermediate rider. im now living at keystone though so i feel like my riding progresses really fast since i ride every day before work when season starts. i like to bomb hills...
  2. Woman Snowboarder; Needs advice on gear and board!

    I'm 18, 5'2 and about 105-110 pounds. I'm buying a snowboard and I love the Smokin Awesymmetrical Awesymmetrical I know it's a mens board so i'm taking into consideration that it could be too heavy and wide for my size, I would get a 148. I think it would be okay, but I would like some advice...
  3. Jones Twin Sister or Never Summer Infinity?

    Hi everyone, Looking for an all-mountain freeride board and interested in the hybrid cambers... Currently on a 151 Palmer Liberty for a few years now and love how fast, stable in the chop, and responsive it is....the bad side I feel when I do catch my edge I seem to trip up pretty badly since...