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  1. Snowboarding General Chat
    what's good with the cheaper alternatives? i was leaning Yi but the battery life and no image stabilization scares me.
  2. Snowboarding General Chat
    Hey Fellow Snowboarders, Some friends and I have been working hard for the last two years to create an awesome ski and snowboard filming equipment called the Spivo. It's a rotating camera mount on a stick and it's pretty awesome for snow sports. Check out our Kickstarter campaign and let us...
  3. Photography, Video, and Other Media
    Hey hows it going, I've got some questions hopefully someone with filming (on snow) experience can help me out with: -What camera, lens setup do you use? -What are some good rigs that you film with to help with stabilizing your image? -How do you deal with condensation etc with your camera...
  4. Photography, Video, and Other Media
    Here is one of my newer snowboard edits i rode and edited and my friend filmed. I just want to hear any suggestions you may have about anything riding filming and editing the link is here vvvvvvvvvv ^^^^^^^
  5. Slam Section
    tacoed a rail filming with scotty vine... almost ruptured my colon... awesome :thumbsdown: been poop blood for days. anyone else have that ish happen?
1-5 of 5 Results