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  1. Outerwear and Accessories
    Hello, I want to buy the Anon MFI tech balaclava because it seems really comfortable however I have the SMITH IO mag chromapop as goggles and I was wondering the magnet on the clava won’t be uncomfortable if the ski mask is siting on it and not fixed to it. (Sorry for my English I’m not native)...
  2. Boots
    I’ve been in the market for boots for a while, and it got me thinking. Why isn’t it a more common recommendation to try boots on barefoot? Without socks (especially padded snowboard socks) on, it seems WAY easier to feel how in contact/not in contact you are with boot liners. Thoughts?
  3. Boots
    Hey all, I recently had the revelation that Ive been buying boots too small for my feet! Measured myself out and I'm a 9.5. Well I got my new boots in (burton ions) and they feel like they fit just right. Good heel hold, snug around my foot, and my toes graze the end when I drop into riding...
  4. Boots
    Do any other brand goggles fit and work well with the Ruroc helmet?
  5. Bindings
    Hi everyone, I’m dealing with an EXTREMELY frustrating problem with my bindings fit. My park setup is a 2012 152 Meateaters with 2012 (M) Cobrashark bindings and 2010 9.5 Hail boots (all Burton). For a few seasons now, my back foot (right) toe cap comes loose every run where it’ll move up and...
  6. Boots
    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new pair of boots and have decided on the Burton Ambush (Don't live in North America so my options were pretty limited to begin with). Anyhow, the problem is, the only store actually carrying the shoe only has it available in a 10.5. They fit snug but my toes...
  7. Boots
    the size 10.5 is SNUG. and the first two or three toes are scraping the tip of the boot. the size 11 is more comfortable out of the box, just the first toe is barely scraping. the heel SLIGHTLY lifts in the 11. not in the 10. 5 they are the Burton Imperials.
  8. Boots
    Hi everyone! Long time reader, first time writer here! Maybe someone has some bigfoot issues too, so this my be helpful for some of you. Since I got a US size 12 foot (30 mondo), a struggled for a lot of time to get a proper fitting boot that would also let me ride without toe/heel drag. And...
  9. Boots
    reason i ask is i have been slogging around with boots that are absolutely too big. maybe by a full size (at least 1/2). last year i tried glade riding and i think i really began to feel the effect of having boots that don't fit. i had 0 confidence in my turning ability and was all over the...
  10. Boards
    Someone is willing to sell me Natasza zurek GTwin Burton 2008 (150cm, sintered base, parkfly core, dualzone egd) burton lexa bindings burton casa boots burton space sack all for 350 but I lowered the price to 270$. I am 5'6 and weight 125. Is this a good deal? I went to check the...
  11. Boots
    Hi everyone, Hope you are all doing well. I'm a newbie and was hoping for some feedback... I just got the DC Judge 2013 boots... in size 10, 10.5, and 11. In regular shoes I wear a size 10 but in all my times renting snow boots, I have always gone with an 11 so I figured I would cover all of...
  12. Outerwear and Accessories
    I've done a ton of research on different helmets and decided to go with the Vantage because of the vents and removable ear pieces. And because of how light it is. I can't find a local (Houston, TX) shop that carries this particular helmet so I have no way of trying one on. My head is 54cm so by...
1-12 of 12 Results