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  1. Snowboard top repair

    This might be a long shot, but does anyone have any advice on repairing this board? I found it on the hard rubbish and want to see if I can do anything with it. It looks like the wood around the binder screw holes might be rotten/loose so I know its probably going to be difficult/impossible!
  2. Binding Mounts

    Hi all, I hope someone can help! I found an old snowboard I had stored away but I’m missing my binding mounts. I tried emailing for help on what mounts I need (it’s been a LONG time), but never heard back from them. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. The...
  3. Fixing edges.. help?

    Hello. The new season is coming soon, and I want to make my board to be usable for this season, and for the next one I am planning a new one.. I bought this board from my friend(secound hand), and it was my first year, I was learning basics. The most damage is on the front toe's side while I...
  4. Fixing Broken Edge

    Original Snowboarding Forum Post: Missing Edge Repair So I didn't buy a new board on Black Friday but instead I fixed my old one. Many people on this website told me to get a new one and that my favorite board was junk. I couldn't let her die so easy plus I need to save up if I wanna get a...
  5. Is this normal ? Worth fixing?

    Hello Guys , just notice this chip on the nose of my burton. Was wondering if its normal and should i get it fixed straight away ? any help is appreciated cheers Ed
  6. I got an unusual crack on my board, how can i fix it?

    I found this crack on my board, and im wondering if theres a quick way to fix it before i have time to take it into a shop..
  7. Oakley Wisdom vs. Scott Fix

    Outerwear and Accessories
    Hi guys, I've Been on the forum for a while here but never posted something here. This community really helped me from making some important decisions like buying gear to improving my technique. Now I'm in a dilemma and hope I could get some feedback. I'm looking for some new goggles...