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  1. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    2023 Model : Jones Flagship 165 Wide $560 shipped $699+tax retail Great freeride deck, brand new still in wrapper. A bit too big for me, looking to size down. PM me any questions!
    $560 USD
  2. Boards
    Hi, I am an high intermediate/advanced snowboarder looking for the next board. I'm 6'1 240 lbs with size 12.5 boots. I am 50 years old and even though I am getting older I still love to go fast on groomers and to charge on powder days. I am usually in the 163-165w range on demo boards. I...
  3. Bindings
    I have a 2020 flag and just got an Orca this year, and I was looking to update my bindings. I've been riding on some 2015 Atlas's, but I wanted something stiffer & more responsive so that I don't have to crank down super hard on my straps and create foot pain. I lean towards freeriding, trees...
  4. Boards
    Hi, After 6 years of seasonal snowborading in Alps the time has come to replace my first and only board I learned to snowboard on (Nitro Punisher). I'm mostly all-mnt/freeride rider with almost non park riding. I'm looking for something I can easlily ride through the powder as well carve the...
  5. Bindings
    Hi! I just ordered the Jones Flagship and am trying to decide on bindings that will pair well with it. Any ideas?
  6. Boards
    I've been riding for 8 years on a K2 Darkstar 157 (2008). I like fast carving and have experimented with powder. But I also like the flexibility in the K2, but wanted to step it up and also find a board that rides better in powder. I guess I'm in between freeride and all mountain, but doesn't...
  7. Boards
    Thinking about getting a new Jones board, wondering if it is worth waiting until next year for the new spoon tech? What do you guys think? Boardsport SOURCE ? European Surf, Skate, Snow Business - Jones Snowboards 2017
  8. Boards
    Hi All I have just bought the above board and I am concerned about how slow it is (i can hear the howls of derision from here) but humour me. Has anyone else had a problem? At first I thought it was just an issue that my previous board - a Salomon 166W was just super fast. We had a powder day...
  9. Boards
    Evening all, first post! I'm posing a usual board sizing question... I've just ordered a Jones Flagship 154 as i'm off to Japan pretty soon. I went with the '54 size as I'm about 68kg/150lbs (without backcountry gear) and am 5'8"/171cm. I've got some Burton Cartel Bindings (medium) with...
  10. Boards
    Hi, I've been riding for 11 years. Mostly pow freeride and sometimes carving (I'm not interested in jibbing, parks etc.). Now I'd like to buy a new board. I have three options: - Never Summer Raptor 169cm - Jason Flagship 164cm - Nidecker Megalight 163 cm I have 1,88 m and 78 kg (170 pounds). I...
  11. Boards
    I just got my Ultralight 158 shipped to me from Johnathon and Matty hooked me up! I am so waiting for that beauty to arrive at my doorstep so I can kick the wife out of the bed:laugh:!!! Seriously those boys over there at are killing it!:yahoo:
1-11 of 11 Results