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  1. stiff board + medium flex bindings?

    I have a new (ish) long (168cm *), stiff, full camber board for learning to improve my carving at speed (keeping closer to my skier wife). I paired it with super stiff NOW O-Drive bindings. Everything's great on groomers - great for carving where small movements and super responsiveness is a...
  2. Burton Genesis X question on Flex and whether to use for beginner

    I’m a beginner and am learning to link turns. Have been 8x times and plan to go 5-6x/year. I just purchased the Genesis X 2018 binding and it is rated medium stiff. Today at the snowboard store I was told by one of the guys that this binding is too stiff and I shouldn’t use it. I’m conflicted...
  3. Flex and Weight of riders

    I'm really curious about the between board flex and weight of riders. Someone said NS Funslinger is good for all around, another said NS Proto Type 2 is good for all around. For example, flex 5 medium snowboard deck could be stable for a rider, weight 180lbs, for over 40ft big kicker and...
  4. Too much flex on the K2 T1, is this normal?

    Yo dudes, I need some help with the flex of the K2. I'm not finding too much difference from my Darko and based on the online reviews "you can barely flex this thing when it’s new and it’s almost like an old leather ski boot", well, the pair I got can definitely flex, is there anything wrong...
  5. What Park Bindings should I get?

    I am currently looking for a softer flex park binding and I'm very indecisive. I ride a Bataleon Global Warmer. Please give your suggestions on what the go to bindings are!
  6. Which Bataleon board is right for me?

    Height : 6 ft Weight : 175 lbs i currently ride a 159 arbor westmark camber. while it is a very nice board and all, it is a little too big and too stiff for my liking. i like messing around, like hitting small-medium kickers, boxes, some rails, and bombing hills. i want to get into ground...
  7. flexible vs. stiff bindings

    Stiff bindings with a high flex rating are associated with advanced riders. Flexible bindings are associated with beginners and intermediate riders. Why? What sort of flexing are beginners doing that advanced riders do not do? Thanks.
  8. Soft board, medium stiff bindings, boots??

    Snowboarding General Chat
    I'm completely new to snowboarding. I won an Arbor Zygote (soft flex) and got some Burton Mission Re:Flex bindings (6/10 flex) for super cheap. Ive read that this would be a bad combination, but for now i guess it will have to do... :( Now my question is, what flex boots should i get? I was...
  9. K2 happy hour for buttering?

    Hey guys, I'm super interested in the K2 Happy Hour, but I am really conflicted. I REALLY want to learn how to butter, ever since I started boarding years back I wanted to learn after seeing two kids spinning like helicopters down the mountain. I ride a HUGE K2 anagram, 163, waaaay too large for...
  10. Suggestions... Flex vs Shape vs Size

    I have a question for anybody that has experience riding a variety of shapes and sizes... I currently ride a 158W (size 12 boot, 200 lbs) hybrid (rock,cam,rock) Forum Double Dog Destroyer (mid flex 5). I am pretty happy with it overall but I am thinking about changing it up to a full rocker to...
  11. 2014 K2 Maysis flex and toeside turn

    Hi All, I am wondering if something has any ideas about this. I have a pair or 2014 K2 Maysis with about 7 days of riding on them. I also had a boot fitter make a custom heat molded footbed for these boots so there is no heal movement. The issue that I am having is with toeside turns. Don't...
  12. Amount of flex needed in bindings?

    I'm working on getting together my first setup, and I'm trying to figure out what binding I should get. I've ridden a couple times a year for several years but have always used rentals. I'm decent - able to go down all the runs and do some smaller jumps and smaller rails, but nothing...
  13. Flex Help

    Hey guys, I’m looking into buying a new board for the season and am looking for some help on which felx to look for. I currently have a Morrow Radium 151cm board as my first beginner’s board. My skills have improved since I bought it so I’m lloking at more advanced boards. Right now I’m...