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  1. Camber or Flying V?? Help!

    My first snowboard that I’m currently riding is a Burton clash snowboard. It’s a V rocker with a soft flex and says its recommended to beginning/intermediate riders. I’ve been riding it for about 3 years now and I’m looking to get a new women’s board. I don’t use my board at the park or do...
  2. Burton Process Flying V for a beginner?

    Would you recommend the Burton Process flying V to a beginner? My riding experience: I’m a beginner rider who started this season (2020) and loved the sport enough that I would like a full setup of my own rather than renting. I’ve been on the slopes about 8-10 times this season and my riding...
  3. Burton Flying V or Flat Top

    Hi Guys! I need some advice... I think I want to buy a Burton Yeasayer 2019 board - however I can't decide between Flying V and Flat Top. I have been snowboarding for years but Im a chilled out rider and I find my new Salomon assassin too aggressive, I want an easy fun ride but one that is...
  4. Board & Bindings Stolen!

    I had a 2013 Burton Custom Flying V (Kermit the frog edition) stolen from Copper mountain on Saurday, 28th of Feb. The bindings were green Malavita's. It was stolen from Solitude station at about midday. I'm offering a reward for the board & bindings - bigger reward for details of the person...
  5. Burton Custom

    I just sold my Burton Process Flying V, 155 cm. I'm 5'9, 132, and the board was just too big for what I'm interested in doing. I want a board that is easy to press and butter with, is nice in the park, jibbing and hitting medium-semi-large jumps, but can also handle groomers. Does the Burton...
  6. Burton Custom 2013 Kermit the Frog Flying V Snowboard (156) w/bindings - $500

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    This board is in outstanding condition (once used). Retails at $649 (+tax). Very rare and hard-to-find. $500 Location: Los Angeles Feel: 5 Bend: Flying V Shape: Directional Flex: Twin Core: Super Fly II with Dualzone EGD Fiberglass: Triax Fiberglass, Lightning Bolts, and Carbon I-Beam Base...
  7. Burton Custom Flying V 154cm

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    Burton Custom Flying V 154cm Used about 10 times this past season. Good condition, 7.5/10 Some smudges and scratches on the topsheet, only one very small chip at the edge of the tail. $230 shipped!!! I'm willing to wax the board for FREE before shipping if you request it. Here's a...
  8. GNU Impossible vs Burton Mystery Flying V

    Hi, Got a GNU Impossible 159cm 2013/2014 from the LibTech warranty for my delaminated one year old T.Rice 157cm Now, i am thinking about selling the Impossible and buy a Burton Mystery 155cm, because the Impossible is may be to long for me as my every day Board, what the T.Rice 157 was...
  9. Ride Wild Life vs Burton Custom Flying V vs K2 Raygun?

    I need some help picking a new board! I've been riding the same 153cm Morrow board since 1996, and it still works fine for me somehow, but I'm finally ready to upgrade. Based on most measures that board is now way too short for me. I am now 6'0", 175-180lbs, with a size 11.5-12.0 shoe. I'm...
  10. 2014 Burton Custom Flying-V Owners - some general tuning/config questions

    I am a relatively new rider and I recently purchased a 2014 Custom Flying-V (160 cm) w/ Cartel EST bindings as my first board, and after taking it out for about 7 days total, I have some questions: 1. What are the default/factory edge angles? 2. Are there any special precautions/care that...
  11. HELP: Changing Burton Boards

    :dunno: Hey ladies/bros. I'm here for a little help since I need a new board after 7 seasons and it feels like I'm breaking up with my long term GF or something - I don't have any perspective on what has changed and is out there today. Basically, I have been riding a 159 Burton T6 on a variety...
  12. Burton Nug Flying V Restricted - fun ?

    Another forum friend is selling this years Burton Nug Flying V Restricted 146 for a good price ~$220. I am looking for a fun board to play around with all over the mountain. I read the good ride reviews and they concluded "awesome". Burton Nug Flying V 2014 Review, Rating System & Buyers Guide...
  13. Flying V or Not?

    Heya, I've been looking for a good all mountain board that I can shred pow with and then hit a few boxes and rails. Im still learning jibbing tricks so basically I'm looking for a board that would help me learn. Anyway so I've come to the conclusion that I wanna get a Burton Process 159. I...
  14. Burton the Channel Stance advice

    Hey! Got a question for fellow riders with real-life experience with the Burton channel. I've been riding my Custom V going on 3 seasons now and have always had the stance width set on the standard REF points on the board. I've decided to widen my stance by 1". I did this by moving the...
  15. 5'1" is a burton custom 148cm to big?

    Im 5'1" and weigh 115-120 im looking for a good all mountain board to ride and the custom seems the best option but is it to big?
  16. Burton Channel Help: Stance-Width Strategies

    Channel Stance-Width info Hey! Got a question for fellow riders with real-life experience with the Burton channel. I've been riding my Custom V going on 3 seasons now and have always had the stance width set on the standard REF points on the board. I've decided to widen my stance by 1". I...
  17. Advice on quiver

    Hello: I currently ride a burton custom flying v and I love it for most conditions (soft-powder) except ICE. While I really do enjoy this board, I would like to have another board for crappier conditions or for harder pack days (think crappy east coast days). I've been contemplating...
  18. Brand New Burton Flying V Antler Board -Still in plastic- $370

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    Brand new Burton snowboard that has still never been removed from the plastic. It is 160.5cm, which is a tad too big for me. It was $650 new, and still has the price tag on it as you can see in the pictures. Message me for any other details. I am asking $370 for it.
  19. Burton Process 2013 help

    Hola- I've been riding a Ride Timeless 161 (2001) for about 9 years, and I thought it was about time for an upgrade. I ride mainly in Tahoe/Mammoth, and would say I'm a solid intermediate rider, I will go down basically anything, but I'm not hucking myself off cornices or going through the...