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  1. Snow goggles over prescription glasses and fog - please help!!

    Outerwear and Accessories
    Hey everyone, i am super super new to snowboarding and struggling with my prescription glasses fogging. Are there any tips and tricks for those who are in the same situation. I have really good gear (my partner set me up), goggles fit really well and very comfortable but sometimes the fog gets...
  2. Optic Nerve Boreas Goggle

    General Equipment Reviews.
    Hi, Just finished the NZ 2015 season - been a great one! Thought I'd upgrade from my trusty 4yr old Anon Helix goggles as I'd had a few poor viz days and hoped for better vision when its dim and flat. Bought the Boreas goggle made by Optic Nerve. They looked good, spherical lens, high vlt...
  3. Oakley Splices Fogging up???

    Outerwear and Accessories
    Hey there, got an problem here, So I've been out boarding the past week and I noticed that my splices started to fog up. However, it appears the fog is in between the two sides of the lenses (in between window panes). I thought this was unusual because I just bought them, and the temperature...