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  1. Boots
    It feels like my binding and boot are working together to try 'stretch' my ankle on toeside turns. Like a medieval torture rack but shrunk down for a foot (ok that's a bit over dramatic). I ride 15-15 on the regular marked centres (not sure how many inches). DC judge boots (these have a double...
  2. Boots
    I’ve been in the market for boots for a while, and it got me thinking. Why isn’t it a more common recommendation to try boots on barefoot? Without socks (especially padded snowboard socks) on, it seems WAY easier to feel how in contact/not in contact you are with boot liners. Thoughts?
  3. Boots
    Some details: I'm goofy, my stance is 15/-15, about shoulder width apart. Whenever I snowboard, I get this burning pain on my foot. The location of the pain is hard to describe, so to find it, do this: Put your finger on your pinky toe's toenail, slide it down about two inches, then slide it...
  4. Boots
    Last year I got a pair of Niro boots size 11 used them for the year my foot would sometimes move in them so this year I got a pair of vans size 10.5 my toes are just touching but my foot is still sliding forward in the boot when I'm riding could this be fixed by getting good footbeds?
  5. Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Hey was wondering if a lovely someone could shed some light on this gripe i'm having. I'm only an occasional snowboarder (a couple day trips every year), plus I live in Australia so the snow we get isn't really snow... it's more like ice. Anyways, I've been recently getting foot cramps in the...
  6. Snowboarding General Chat
    I'm about to buy some insoles for my boots. I have flat feet and was lookin for a little more comfort and support. A lot of choices and choices within choices so I just wanted to get some input. From what I've seen Superfeet is the most popular company. Or which company do you like...
1-6 of 6 Results