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  1. WTB: I/S Eyewear goggles - Devun Walsh signature model

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I'm interested in buying the I/S eyewear Devun Walsh signature model with the Wildcats logo. I'm interested in all kind of different items from brands like Forum and Special Blend. I'm also interested in Wildcats, Party Snake and I/S eyewear clothes/sunglasses
  2. ** NEW 2015 K2 First Lite 146 cm $180

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    NEW 2015 K2 First Lite REDUCED! REDUCED!! This is a brand NEW 2015 K2 First Lite 146 cm. It is NEW and is still in the original factory plastic, so no damage at all! It is on the internet for sale at $200+ ! I'm asking $170 SHIPPED. Act fast while it is still available at this low price! Great...
  3. Forum Symbol 157 JB

    Hi, I have a forum Symbol 157 JB. I don't know much about my board or Forum at all. I do know the Jake Blauvelt rode this board when he worked for forum. Could someone tell me if this board is rare or something? I can not find it anywhere for sale, used or new. Also, I would like to know about...
  4. Forum Symbol 157 JB

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hi, I have a forum Symbol 157 JB. I don't know much about my board or Forum at all. Could someone tell me if this board is rare or something? I can not find it anywhere for sale, used or new. Also, I would like to know about the board in general and what is worth used in good condition.
  5. Forum Kickers

    Hi all, I bought these boots today based on the fit and comfort, but other than a sticker on the box saying that they're the Kicker model from 2010 I can't find any details about them online. They were brand new, I picked them up from a store that was getting rid of old excess stock and I...
  6. Wall Hangers Wanted

    Hey guys and gals, So I have been looking for about a year now and have come up completely dry for a specific board model that I want for hanging and I need your help. The 2010 Forum Contract. I want to grab all 4 board sizes or possibly 2 of each. If anyone has hints or suggestions to help me...
  7. FS: Rome, DC, Capita, and Slash Snowboards

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    FS: Slash ATV, Ride Buck Up, Forum Bully, Salomon Drift Trying to get rid of a few boards that I bought this summer or last year. PM me with any questions. I haven't sold anything on the site before so feel free to check out my ebay account (tboylen) or you can buy through Ebay if you're...
  8. getting a new board need help !!

    im not sure if i should go for a wide board or regular i have size 12 thirty two lashed boots and a l/xl union force bindings would there be much overhang if i got a regular width board the board is a forum youngblood doubledog thats waist width is 24.9 and the tip and tail is 29.35 plz help me...
  9. FS: DC Ply 156 & Forum Shaka M Orange & More!

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    What's going on everyone! Time to clean out more of my closet. Hopefully you see something you like. Shoot me an offer! I have a ton more detailed pictures if you want them. Combo deals if you buy than one! Feel free to PM/Email with any questions. All prices include shipping from California...
  10. Will 2cm make a big difference for a park board?

    I'm getting into the park this season and will be taking 10-25 ft kickers and lots of rails. I was looking at a Forum Youngblood Doubledog 155w, but I can't find any in my area but did find a 157w for dirt cheap. I'm curious if at 5'11" 170lbs, intermediate riding experience but beginner in the...
  11. 2010 burton twin 161 and 151 indian chief skeletons

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hey whats up everyone. I gotta dump some personal gear from my collection to have my rent for the mountain i'll be at. I usually ride a smaller board, so the 2010 burton twin has gota go. but a 151 is too small. I bought it years ago to resell and profit around christmas. the 61 is...
  12. Manufacturer recommended weight

    Hey guys, I just bought my first board! did my research and figured a 156 would be the ideal size for me. I really liked the Forum Kitchen sink (2013) which comes in 154.5 or 157.5 so I decided to go up to the 157.5 and was happy with that decision, until I saw the manufacturer recommended...
  13. WTB: Forum Devun Walsh board 153/157

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I've been looking for an old Forum Devun Walsh board for some years now. Anybody have it? I'm very interested in any item concerning Devun Walsh pre DC era.
  14. tracks off free cd with resistance video?

    Music Discussion
    Does anyone remember and can post the track list off forum and mack dawgs the resistance video? not the soundtrack to the video but the free CD that came with it. I remember it had Dilated Peoples and either funkdoobiest or son dooby.
  15. Selling 5 board setups! Forum,k2,burton,k2

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Selling BRAND NEW STILL IN PLASTIC Forum Recon Chillydog 158cm snowboard with BRAND NEW IN BOX K2 Cinch bindings in size large asking $250 for whole setup
  16. 2009 Forum Destroyer 158 For Sale $200

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I have a 2009 forum destroyer for sale... used it once (it shreds), but unfortunately I dont have the time to go boarding anymore. Things in near perfect condition.
  17. Fs: 2011 forum sauce 147

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Used for one season.minor scrapes. Preferably LA area but willing to ship. With flux PR15 bindings, medium. Snowboard: $100 obo Snowboard and bindings: $150
  18. FS. 152 Capita stairmaster and forum republics

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I have the 2011 season Capita Stairmaster and same season Forum Republic bindings for sale. I think these boards ride way better than any burton or well known name brand. Don't doubt this board, its a super fun board and will do pretty much anything you ask it to on the snow. This is a street...
  19. Another 'recommend a board' thread!

    Hi all, Yes, it's another recommend a board thread - all input greatly appreciated! So currently I have a stiff, aggressive all-mountain board and now looking to get something a bit more park/jib orientated that's good for buttering. I'll need it to be reasonable on groomers - not a 100% park...
  20. Ranking Up

    Site News, Updates and Suggestions
    I was just wondering how you climb the ranks in the forum!