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  1. Arbor shiloh camber thoughts?

    Looking to buy the arbor shiloh camber. I'm an all mountain rider love jumps and carving and do a decent amount of backcountry and some minimal freestyle and jibs. So I'm looking for something stable poppy mid of the road flex good for free riding but still versatile. Note I'm limited to a few...
  2. Jones Flagship vs Jones Explorer

    I have been stuck between the flagship and the explorer. I actually have demoed both boards, but the snow was in such bad conditions that I could not get a genuine impression, which is why I am posting here. Still, I loved them both, but for different reasons. I am looking for a board that I...
  3. NEW BOARD: NS Heritage or Capita TFA

    I am looking for a new board that would act as a big mountain/freeride board. I want something that I can drop steep chutes, go fast in uneven terrain, float in pow, trees, and launch of rollers and random natural features while feeling sure footed. Currently I have an Arbor Coda which I love...
  4. Need good board... Little problem though.... Help?

    Hi all, so i have a little issue, or should I say big.... I'm 16 and I wear size 15 boots, so I preferably need a 26.9cm board or so for waist width, and and I weigh 140 lbs and 5'10"... So the problem is obvious. Most wide boards are made for big dudes and I'm rather on the slim side. However...
  5. Good Pow / Freeride / Carving board?

    Hi all, I've been reading some excellent reviews and advice on this forum, so thought I'd join to ask a question about which board to buy. Unfortunately, unlike it seems you get in North America, there doesn't really seem to be too many demo days here in Europe, especially not from the brands...
  6. What kind of board do I need?

    I'm not very familiar with snowboarding terminologies. It seems like I would be considered a freerider. When I'm on the mountain, I ride groomers all day. The nice morning groomers and the carved up, packed and icy evening/night groomers. I also take jumps and I like to ollie. I never go to...