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    Howdy y’all! Long time lurker, first time poster here. I had some boards that I’d like to get, but can’t afford more than one new board atm. For background I’m about 5 foot 9, 140lbs and I wear a size 9 boot. Currently I’m rocking an older signal Omni, and a pair of Now Pilots. I am looking...
  2. Boards
    I have been stuck between the flagship and the explorer. I actually have demoed both boards, but the snow was in such bad conditions that I could not get a genuine impression, which is why I am posting here. Still, I loved them both, but for different reasons. I am looking for a board that I...
  3. Boards
    Hey everybody, I am in need of a new board and I would like some opinions from all of you. I am 5'10, 166 lbs, wear size 9.5 boot, intermediate rider. I am heading off to college soon and I am planning on joining the snowboard club at the college I'm going to. They take trips to Stevens Pass...
1-3 of 3 Results