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  1. Quiver Expansion Questions

    Hi all! Thinking about adding a new board to the quiver and not much opportunity to demo stuff so have to mostly rely on research and suggestions. I've been splitting time between a Hovercraft for powder and a Lib Tech TRS for everything else for some time now. Feeling like I've hit my limit...
  2. Superpig vs Flagship

    Hi, After 6 years of seasonal snowborading in Alps the time has come to replace my first and only board I learned to snowboard on (Nitro Punisher). I'm mostly all-mnt/freeride rider with almost non park riding. I'm looking for something I can easlily ride through the powder as well carve the...
  3. Svalbard

    Backcountry Trip Reports
    Wgen w svalbard with no place to live. suddenly we understood on the airport. We luckily go somplace to sleep ad started an awseme trip. Got to ride Trollsteine and someplae random between barentsburg and logyearbyen. Video says a 1000 words x 48fps
  4. 2016/2017 Rossignol XV 159 Like NEW

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hi, I bought a Rossignol XV 159 in April 2017 to take with me on a trip to Whistler. I was looking for something a bit less stiff than my Flagship. The board absolutely crushed it and charges hard. Floated in powder and carved better than my Flagship. However, it was still a bit too stiff. I...
  5. my second freeride board Mullar vs NS 25

    Hey fellas, is that time of the year with amazing sales!!! and since next season i will spend a good number of weeks in chamonix and tignes in france im on the market for a second freeride board. I already own a Jones Ultracraft and its super sweet but I´m looking for a new flavor , something...
  6. Freeride/Powder Board (YES PYL or Rossi XV)

    Hey guys! So I am looking at a new Powder/Freeride board for my quiver! I've been snowboarding for a while but this is my first year that I've REALLY got into it (I have money and am done with college). I weigh 185-200 (I fluctuate weight a bit) and wear 10.5 boots. The two I've narrowed it...
  7. Good bindings to pair with NS Twenty Five

    Hello all, I just ordered a Never Summer Twenty Five and am trying to figure out what sort of bindings to put on it. I'm 6' 1", 170 lbs and have a size 10.5 boot (Ride Anthem currently). I would say I'm still an intermediate but more towards the advanced side since I have no problems with most...
  8. Like New 2016 Burton Genesis X Medium

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I just bought these bindings in February 2016 and can share the original invoice to show proof of purchase date. I have ridden them for a total of 6 days towards the end of the season. I am selling them because they are a bit too tight for my size 11 boots. These are the perfect aggressive all...
  9. Another what should I buy post: Burton Barracuda vs Flight Attendant

    Hey everybody, I've been riding for a long time now but used to live in the Midwest spending 90% of my time riding on hills in the area and never had a chance to do any powder riding. Finally a few years ago I moved to an area that has some REAL mountains :smile: In the past 3 seasons I've...
  10. Choosing between 4 All Mountain/Free Ride Boards

    I'm looking to add an All Mountain/Free Ride Board to my quiver. Currently I'm looking at some fine deals for the: - K2 Ultra Dream 2014 - Burton Barracuda 2015 - Lib-Tech Jamie Lynn Fundamnmental 2015 - Slash Straight 2015 As for the Lib-Tech JL, I couldn't find a lot on how it handles to...
  11. Sold my Never Summer Legacy 161 after one season b/c it was "too much board"...

    Sold my Never Summer Legacy 161 after one season b/c it was "too much board"... did i dun fuck up? images of old Legacy: as for basic sizing of the NS Legacy 161: Effective Edge: 1260mm Waist Width: 265cm board i am planning on getting, the NS West 159: Effective Edge: 1220mm...
  12. Best style and size snowboard for me?

    i am leaning towards another never summer. right now i have a NS Legacy 161 that i feel is a bit large for me. i am 5'11, 190-195 lbs with a size 10 boot. i basically only ride groomers and glades. virtually 0 park. i am thinking the 158 Cobra might check all my boxes. your thoughts?
  13. Demo weekend - All mountain/freeride

    Whoop, whoop. This weekend closest resort opens with a bang - demo weekend. I am looking for a new All mountain / Freeride board. Mainly groomers carving but if it drops then all powder I can get. I would like a board that handles carving and powder excellent. If the powder is really deep - set...
  14. Apartment in the Alp in Cervinia

    General Travel Forum
    Hi guys, I'm an italian free rider and for anyone interested to spend some time in the italians alps in Cervinia I've a nice apartment for rent. In front of mount Cervino and close to Zermatt, Mount Rosa and many others spot is the ideal place for amazing free ride. Have a look...
  15. Freeride Board Advice

  16. 2014 Nidecker Ultralight 163

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    These won't be selling in North America this year as far as I've been told. This is a warranty replacement for a 2013 board that came too late. It's hard to get info on this model year even on european sites but these are now back to being made in Switzerland. Gorgeous board. If you have to...
  17. Anyone got the Salomon Rancho?

    Has anyone got the Salomon Rancho? : Snowboards - Snowboard - Salomon How does it compare to other Freeride Salomon boards like the Powder Snake Derby? Cheers
  18. Avalanche risk! My Freeride Edit, 5 powder days in Italy. Share yours!

    Photography, Video, and Other Media
    Powder edit from the alps: click here I appreciate some feedback on how to make better videos! If you have a powder/freeride edit, post!! Lets fire up for the season! Have an awesome day;)
  19. Is the board right for me? Help

    I recently purchased a 156cm k2 raygun, and I am wondering if it's the right board size. I am 5'10, 155 lbs.;shoes size : 10 us; riding style: freeride/all mountain; and I am 16, riding in Kentucky. Is this the right size for me?
  20. Freeride board advice? Anyone ridden a Rossi Premier?

    Heyyo, So I'm pretty happy with my Ride Machete 155 for groomers and kickers. I'm at about a low intermediate to intermediate level. I would really like to get into some freeriding, like technical steeps, glades, bigger natural features like cliff drops, etc. I remember moving up from a noodle...