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  1. Boards
    There’s three main styles of snowboarding and there’s boards to accompany eachother style but how much of a difference does it do, really? For exempel, What is the difference/how important is it to have a freeride board compared to an all-mountain one when going freeriding? Not looking to buy a...
  2. Boards
    Alright, so right now I'm riding a 2011 Attack Banana from lib tech, and I'm looking for something more aggressive for freeriding/all-mountain. Previous board was a 2008 Rossignol One Mag. I like to stay out of the park for the most part, except if I decide to do kickers which is not that often...
  3. Boards
    Hey guys Im looking for a board that is good for medium kickers (20-30 ft knuckle to knuckle) and Riding Fast. I also wanna be able to butter, and 50-50 some boxes and rails occasionally. I know thats a lot for a board to handle. My priorities for a board is 1. Kickers 2. Fast 3. Butters 4...
1-3 of 3 Results