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  1. Bindings type freestyle for Yes GREATS 2018

    Hi I have a Yes Grets 2018 - 156cm board, and I would like to have some advice on the level of bindings. What bindings model can I use to have a freestyle park/shred on this board? Thank you, good ride.
  2. NYC Indoor Snowboard Training is back!

    Meets and Events
    Hey everyone, Its been a little bit but I have been working hard on getting something going. For those of you who don't know me, I am a snowboard coach for over 20 years now and have a coaching company based in Brooklyn NY. I have partnered with a mobility expert to put together a 2 hour class...
  3. Need help choosing a High End All Mountain Freestyle Board

    I'm getting back into riding after being inconsistent since going to college and want to get a whole new setup for 2019. I've always enjoyed riding fast on groomers and through trees but really want to make a point add some style to my riding and put in some hours to progress in the park. I've...
  4. Am I a Freestyle Board candidate, or All Mountain

    Hey fellows, I'm an intermediate+ rider from California. 15+ years, but miss some seasons. Go down Cornice and some black diamonds at Mammoth, Kirkwood, etc, but like the trees and cruising intermediate runs with some river-like turns and good snow best. I'm 6'1", 170 lbs. Below are suggested...
  5. Jones UMT vs. Yes Greats vs. Burton Custom Twin

    Reaching paralysis by analysis on these 3 boards and can't pull the trigger on which one to get on sale Context: I've been snowboarding for about 10 years, with a definite focus up to now on looking for powder - either inbound or backcountry. I've started to loose interest in carving on...
  6. my second freeride board Mullar vs NS 25

    Hey fellas, is that time of the year with amazing sales!!! and since next season i will spend a good number of weeks in chamonix and tignes in france im on the market for a second freeride board. I already own a Jones Ultracraft and its super sweet but I´m looking for a new flavor , something...
  7. Yes. Snowboards

    I want to get a nice freestyle snowboard. I am currently choosing between "Yes. Typo", "Yes. Jackpot" and "Yes TDF". Any suggestions?
  8. Park Bindings

    I need some suggestions for good bindings for freestyle. I wanted to get them in red if possible but that's not a requirement. Something very forgiving but having good support to take on jumps going fast. Help please.
  9. New Freestyle Powder Board

    Advice for a New Freestyle Powder Board Hi all, been riding for almost 15 years now and have rode nearly every brand snowboard at some point or another. I'll be moving from Park City to Jackson in November and would really like to get a freestyle-powder specific board anywhere from 150-157...
  10. Any Suggestions?

    Hey guys, I am pretty new to this website and am looking for a good recommendation for a board. I'm 17, in high school, and compete in freestyle tournaments containing rails, boxes, and jumps. I started snowboarding 3 years ago on a 154 Burton Royale and kind of based what I want for a board...
  11. Powder Twin

    Hey there, Im looking for another board, possibly a powder twin. At the moment I have a Jones Flagship 161, Jones Solution 161, and a Skate Banana 156. Im looking for something in between those boards for a season in Gulmarg, India where there's lots of powder and trees. Something that loves...
  12. Girl on men's park board?

    I am wanting to buy a new board, specifically tailored to jibbing. I am 5'3", 120lbs, and would consider myself an intermediate-advanced rider. I am looking for a noodle, I want something super soft and I cannot find anything that would suit my style for women's board. I currently ride 2...
  13. Please help me choose

    Hi ! I started snowboarding a few years ago and I am planning to buy a more freestyle oriented board. I did my research and I can't get to decide wich board to choose, because I don't know which one is best. The boards are : Stepchild - FTW Described to be super light, poppy and great for...
  14. Freestyle Photo Shoot

    Northeast US
    Hey Guys, I hope I am posting in the right place, if not I apologize. I am trying to build up an outdoor sports portfolio, and am looking for a few people who would be interested in working with me on a shoot out in Mountain Creek or Hunter. Mainly looking for expert level freestyle stuff. We...
  15. Freestyle newbie

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hi, After several failed attempts to progress to freestyle on my own I have just booked a course with Ninja academy over in Davos this season. Is anybody else going/got any tips! Also can anybody advise a board for both mountain and intro to freestyle winter is coming!!!!! :)
  16. 2014 Nike Lunarendor Boots

    Opinions on these? I ride mostly park and I'm looking for a boot with a flex around 5-8. I sprained my ankle last year with the burton grails and was out for a month so I'm thinking about going with a little stiffer boot. Just worried about these being too stiff?
  17. Ride Helix 2014/2015

    Hi, I've look through the forums but I cant find much on the new season boards. After speaking to some staff at my local boarding shop I was recommended the Ride Helix board. Which i went out and brought (little bit of a Noob move I know). I was just wondering if anyone's used it/demo'd it and...
  18. Binding Help

    Okay so I have a black Burton Freestyle binding and the cushioning or whatever its called on my high back is wearing a little bit. I'm not sure If you can replace it without getting a whole new high back. If I can what is the part called or where do I get them
  19. Freestyle Tips?

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Does anyone have any pointers or things to take into notice when getting into freestyle? I've been trying to get into it, but I'm not sure how to. I've been getting into jumps and trying to do some basic 180s and 360s, but I can't seem to get them down. :dizzy:
  20. FS: brand new 2013 K2 FastPlant 157cm

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I'm selling a brand new 2012/13 K2 FastPlant snowboard 157cm Skateboard-like graphic & has very durable Bamboo core for 5 yrs warranty! Skill Level: Advanced Intermediate Recommended Use: All-Mountain Freestyle Shape: Twin Rocker Type: Jib Rocker with Tweekends Flex: Medium Special Features...