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  1. General Travel Forum
    Hey y'all! I want to get back into snowboarding, but it is hard to fin someone to ride with with the same skill level. Are there any applications/websites that might assist me in that matter? Or it is not a common problem that people have?
  2. Snowboarding General Chat
    hey guys this is the FINAL edit of video games event! you've all be super supported before and help out a bunch! we won the trip to Puerto Rico thanks to you guys!!! but now theres a trip to Grenade Games 9 in mammoth on the line for this edit! help me out this one last time and it will be the...
  3. Snowboarding General Chat
    :D The perfect crew consists of 4 people, you and 3 friends. Why 4 people? Here are a few of the main reasons to have 4: -Most main chairlifts seat 4 people, and most secondary lifts seat 2 people. --You ensure that you'll always be chillin' with your crew after each run talking about that...
  4. Leavin Sierra

    3 amigos
1-4 of 4 Results