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    Ive just gotten into snowboarding and i came across this video, it made me chuckle! The Funniest Snowboarding Video You'll Ever See hope you enjoy it too!
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    KEEP CALM AND SNOWBOARD ALL FUCKING DAY. thought you guys might like this :p
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    Hope you enjoy and sorry if everyone already saw it.
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    So. It's the off season, and I leave for Colorado in 2 weeks. All I do is dream of the days when ill be surfing on happiness again. So what do I do? What everyone else does, watch a pathetic amount of snowboarding vids on youtube. I have noticed a trend. I've seen it plenty in the park, but its...
  5. Slam Section
    Hey guys, just thinking what injuries have you had that when you look back on them seem pretty funny now. Heres one, my mate an i were boarding once going pretty hard racing. anyway i was in front and hit some ice. wasnt expecting it at all so went down straight away. being cool with out a...