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  1. Boards
    Hello. I just found a small gap on the middle of the new board between board and edge. I s it ok or it is a defect?
  2. Open review discussion
    Hey guys! I just got my new Nitro T1 yesterday and when I was having a look at it before setting it up, I realized it had two gaps on the steel edge frame (on both the tail and nose). Even though it looks too symmetrical to be a defect, I’ve read past questions and seems to be normal, but I...
  3. Boards
    I bought a Brando by Lando recently and when it came in the mail I noticed that on the base, along one of the edges, there was what looked like a gap between the base and the edge. It's not really a gap exactly, because it's filled in with something, but I don't know what it's filled in with...
1-3 of 3 Results