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  1. Gear Advice

    Snowboarding General Chat
    Hi, This will be my first year snowboarding. I have never done any winter sports before so I am excited. I have some questions regarding gear, as I am new to all of this. I am 6’1, 220, size 13 feet. I purchased the following gear so far, but i am able to exchange it if needed. I just want to...
  2. Bindings Lose their Mind Halfway Down--So Do I.

    I finally live near mountains and am able to go snowboarding on the reg. This is my first true season with my own gear. Solved the main issue of wearing boots way too big (women's size 9 to Ride 7.5---they were a gift and ordered online so I didn't try on in store). First short run in my setup...
  3. Pics New Equipment for 2018!

    What's up?! Getting stoked on the 2018 season and I just finished setting up my new Weston Backwoods split. Here are some pictures! Post pics of your new gear/boards for this upcoming season, let us see what you are rocking and are stoked on!
  4. Nitro Team Gullwing 159 or 162 ?

    Hello, This is my first post and I'm just looking for some advice on board size. I want to buy my first board after years of renting and I've decided on a Nitro Team Gullwing. I'm 15 years old , 5'10'' , 145 pounds and boot size 11 ,but I will probably grow up to 6'2'' in the next couple of...
  5. should be ashamed of their awful shipping times.

    Snowboarding General Chat
    i have ordered from them multiple times. love their selection and deals but my GOD their shipping might be the slowest i have ever used. maybe it is not on them, and its on UPS or whomever, but i cannot recall orders taking this long from any other online retailer.
  6. Snowboard gear in COLORADO

    Intermountain US
    hey guys, Me and my girl are going to Colorado in Febr. She has to buy all snow gear you can imagine - from snowboard, boots, bindings to gloves, pants, jackets and so on What is the best place for that? Are the Outlets any good? BRAZILIAN snowboarders - you won't get to know that many...
  7. beginner needing help on gear!

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hey! I'm looking to start boarding and was just wondering what sort of gear is good to get? Looking for good quality but don't want to stand out or wear any brands that people in the snowboarding community deem to be unacceptable.. Are there any brands which are a no-go??? Hitting Meribel...
  8. Burton Flight Attendant 2015

    Hey guys! Winter is just around the corner. I'm sure everyone is as excited as I am for the new season and the gear that comes with it. Just posted a demo review of the 2015 Burton Flight Attendant on the website. If you guys have any specific questions on this board after reading the...
  9. New Board?

    I have been using a 2012 K2 Anagram board for 2 years now. We got it just because it was cheap . Now my friends and I are starting to ride park and I don't think that my board is the right one. I has a few dings and scratches and it is a flat camber. Should I get a new board for this coming...
  10. cqn anyone tell me about this set up and it it any good?

    Hello, im new to the site and I wanted to ask if any one can help me figure out how much my set up is worth, the year, the quality, ect. I have a 2001 Rossignol Vintage deck with burton mission 0479 bindings and old grey, yellow and black burton drivers with a normal lacing system. Anything you...
  11. New 2015 Gear? help

    Kinda new too this. Just wondering, I was looking for a new board for next season, when do they start selling 2015 boards? Also, I need some help on choosing a board. 5'7, 145lbs Usually in the park hitting kickers or hitting natural hits. What do you recommend? I like going light, I was...
  12. Fresh Pow Apparel Preview

    Outerwear and Accessories
    Hello everyone! Fresh Pow is a new brand started this 2013/2014 snowboarding season. We are geared towards providing stylish, comftorable, and durable clothing at a affordable cost. We love the culture of snowboarding an we direct our passion into our clothing and designs to really appeal to...
  13. White Gear?

    General Equipment Reviews.
    How would White pants and a White Jacket with a little dark blue look? And How would white pants with a white jack that has a fur neck look? (For a guy):thumbsup::thumbsdown::thumbsup::thumbsdown:
  14. Amount of flex needed in bindings?

    I'm working on getting together my first setup, and I'm trying to figure out what binding I should get. I've ridden a couple times a year for several years but have always used rentals. I'm decent - able to go down all the runs and do some smaller jumps and smaller rails, but nothing...
  15. Anyone Get a New Board??

    Hey guys, I'm back!! Well... you probably didn't notice I was MIA all summer long haha it was just a very busy summer. I got engaged in July :D so been doing all that wedding stuff. Anyways... Anyone buy any new boards or gear this summer or fall? I only ask because during the summer I bought a...
  16. What board should I buy?

    Hi Snowboarding forum, I want to buy a new board. I'm looking for a pretty soft jib/park board. My current board is a Lobster park board 151 but I find it to long, also I think it is a bit too stiff, but I do like the TBT. I don't have the option the test boards because the nearest snowboard...
  17. Dragon APXs care failure

    Outerwear and Accessories
    So I got the APXs last season and I used it for maybe 12 days the whole season and I wiped whatever grime or fingerprints that was on the outside lens with the given bag flipped inside out. I got the inside wet a couple of times and I just carefully blotted the water off. Anyway at the end of...
  18. Wanted: 2012 Nike Zoom Kaiju Quickstrike Boots Size 10

    Hello All, I'm looking for New or even Slightly used 2012 Nike Zoom "Nicolas Muller" Kaiju Quickstrike Snowboarding Boots Size 10. I've been looking for the past few months for a pair with no luck. Anyone with any tips on where I can find them or have a pair they're willing to sell? Any and...
  19. 2014 New Board Graphics Dillema

    So I've been snowboarding for about 4 years now and I've been riding 5150's Vice for the whole time. I thought it was about time to trade up from this Sports Authority brand and get a board this year. I wanted a sort of all mountain/freestyle board that butters well, can help me learn some...
  20. Good prices on past season jackets?

    Outerwear and Accessories
    With the late snow we had last year and me being a little slow getting my bindings I did not have any jackets yet so I'm sure some good sales are going on but what are some legit sites? I think I remember some were not too impressed with the House board shop?