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    Hey guys, was wondering if yall could help me out with my board choice. i am about 5'6, 140, and consider myself an intermediate rider. im now living at keystone though so i feel like my riding progresses really fast since i ride every day before work when season starts. i like to bomb hills...
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    Hi all! I'm a new member looking for some help choosing between these two boards: (I actually already bought both for steal on black Friday but I do need to return one...but which one????) 2014 Lib Tech TRS Narrow XC2 BTX (154) OR 2014 GNU B-Pro C3 BTX (155) STATS: Height: 5’-7” / Weight...
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    Hey there! So I'm an intermediate rider and have been riding the same board for over 10 finally self-destructed last weekend :(. I have been researching boards and have come up with a few, so I just wanted to get some opinions on these boards (pros/cons?) I'm just starting to get...
1-3 of 3 Results