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gnu billy goat

  1. Just got 2014 Billy Goat (video)

  2. Gnu Billy Goat or.....?

    OKay so I have had my eyes one the 2014 billy goat. Thing is I don't like this tucked in edge bull crap. A fully wrapped edge seems a lot more sturdy. Although my K2 is fairly dinged up. I have a sale coming up this weekend and I want to know opinions. BG? or another board similar for and all...
  3. Indecisve guy needs your help :D

    Hey guys, As you can infer from the title I'm have some issues on deciding on a board. So I would say that I'm an intermediate rider, maybe intermediate/advanced but that might be my ego XD. I'm 5'6'', weigh about 140lb and have a goofy stance. I ride groomers ~60% of the time, powder and...