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  1. Gnu Rider's Choice 2020 Sizing

    What's up guys, first post for me here. I am 21 years old, 5'10", 160 pounds and this is currently my third season riding. I ride park in the midwest and ride 25 to 35 times a season. I'm going to buy the Gnu Rider's Choice 2020, and that's where I am requesting some help. I am unable to...
  2. Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro vs. Gnu Space Case

    Hi All, I'm about to pull the trigger on a new board next week before I go to Austria and am near desperation because I'm having such a difficult time settling on which board to get. I'm torn between the Lib Tech TR pro 155 and Gnu Space Case 156. Here something about myself: I started...
  3. Advice: Flow NX2 vs SP vs Gnu Freedom

    Hi all, I'm looking for new rear-entry bindings for my Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro (The Fourth Phase), and I find it hard to choose between the Flow NX2 and the SP (or Gnu Freedom, also a fastec binding). I did search on the forum, but cannot find much on SP bindings. I did find threads...
  4. Upgrade Time

    Hey all, Just looking for some advice before I lock in a new board for the season.. I am looking to upgrade from a 2014 159 Burton Process Off Axis to something a bit bigger and more suited for freeride/all mountain fun, not a massive park rider but I'm sure ill spend a bit of time in the park...
  5. What size GNU Metal Gnuru do I need?

    Hey all, Stats: Male, 9.5 boot, 5'11", 163 pounds, I like riding all mountain including some park, but mostly groomers. I am currently riding a Never Summer Proto HDX (wide) 158. I have the "X" version (wide) because I originally thought I was an 11.5 boot. I recently got sized by a boot...
  6. New board questions

    Hey all, Just found this forum and i'm interested to see if anyone could help me out. I grew up skiing and started boarding about 10 years ago. When I finally decided to go all in I started off with a 2012 155 Jones Mountain Twin, Burton Freestyle Bindings and Burton Hail Boots. I'm thinking...
  7. FS: 2014 GNU Carbon Credit 159cm $350 - Used 1 Season

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    No longer listed
  8. ISO Advertising

    Buy and Sell Other Items
    Searching for trade show banners, flags, odd forms of advertising for companies. Mostly looking for Capita Snowboard, GNU, and Union Binding Company but will think about any others. HMU if you have anything
  9. I.s.o.

    Outerwear and Accessories
    Looking for used trade shows banner people are willing to sell. Looking mostly for Capita, GoPro, Union, and GNU but anyones will work. Let me know what people have.
  10. Burton Barracuda vs GNU Swallowtail vs MC Nootka

    Hi guys need some help here! Looking for a powder board to use up here in the PNW. I'm 6'1" 175lbs. I'm considering the following 3 boards and can't really demo them: Burton Barracuda 157 GNU Swallowtail 157 Lib Tech MC Nootka 159 Some more background info: Currently ride a Jamie Lynn 160, I...
  11. WTB GNU Riders Choice wide

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Looking to try and buy a past model 2013 or 2014 mainly because I wasn't feeling the aysm nose and tail. Looking for size 158 or 162. Send offers.
  12. Help me replace my Never Summer Legacy 161...

    just sold my Legacy. reason being, i didn't think i needed a wide board. anyway, i am 5'11, 195 lbs with an ~sz11 foot (10-10.5 boot and large Burton Cartels) and it just felt unwieldy. so, the search begins for something new. i would classify myself as strictly intermediate. i don't do...
  13. gnu ladies choice or b-pro?

    Hey guys, was wondering if yall could help me out with my board choice. i am about 5'6, 140, and consider myself an intermediate rider. im now living at keystone though so i feel like my riding progresses really fast since i ride every day before work when season starts. i like to bomb hills...
  14. GNU BStreet 2010 w/ Union Bindings, Anon goggles, boots

    GNU BStreet Selling womens GNU Bstreet
  15. Gnu Velvet vs Jones Twin Sister

    Hi, I think I've narrowed down to these two boards to fit the all-mountain versatility I want. I've been riding 10 years on the same old Burton this is a big change for me. Anyone have any advice or opinion on these boards? I'm tempted by this great deal on the 2014 Gnu board - it...
  16. Which ladies GNU board should I get?

    Hello. I'm a 27 yr old woman and have had the same 156 Sims Horizon board since 2006 since I started riding. Just learning it's probably too big, which has caused my riding skills to plateau. I'm 5'7", 147 lbs. and thinking of going down to a 151 snowboard. I like all-mountain riding, not much...
  17. WTB Gnu Bas

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I'm looking for a Gnu Lil Black Bas ~162 cm with or without bindings. Must have the graphics shown in the picture. Thanks!
  18. Help me choose a Mervin!

    Hello everyone. A quick background on myself... I grew up in Omaha, NE. I snowboarded about as much as someone from Omaha could growing up. I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in June of 2014. I'm 6'1" and 185 pounds, athletic build, hockey player. Right now I ride a 2012 Ride Kink 159W with 2015...
  19. Need Guidance! GNU 2015 Space Case + Burton Cartel 2015?

    Hi y'all, I'm looking for a good binding choice for my GNU 2015 Space Case board. I've got my eye on the Burton 2015 Cartel, however I'm not set yet. The flex of the binding is 7/10 and I'm not sure whether that would suit my needs. I mostly ride all mountain but I'd love to start doing more...
  20. Brand Showdown: Never Summer vs. YES vs. Lib Tech

    in your opinion, which brand produces the most consistent, high-quality decks out of the above 3?