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  1. Smith lens question

    Outerwear and Accessories
    Hi all, Have just picked up a pair of Smith I/O7s in the sales. However, the shop I got them from has given me the choice for the low-light spare lens of either the red sensor mirror or the photochromic red sensor.....and I'm not sure which to go for. I have read a ton of info and it seems...
  2. Optic Nerve Boreas Goggle

    General Equipment Reviews.
    Hi, Just finished the NZ 2015 season - been a great one! Thought I'd upgrade from my trusty 4yr old Anon Helix goggles as I'd had a few poor viz days and hoped for better vision when its dim and flat. Bought the Boreas goggle made by Optic Nerve. They looked good, spherical lens, high vlt...
  3. Best helmet/goggle combo?

    Outerwear and Accessories
    I need to buy a new helmet and goggles and was wondering what your guys opinions on the best combo would be?
  4. EG2 vs Dragon APX Goggles

    Outerwear and Accessories
    I'm looking to pick up a new goggles for myself and being a big guy I need goggles that fit me and give me a maximum peripheral vision. So I have two options Electric EG2 or Dragon APX. I never had any of them so want to know what's your opinion.
  5. Dragon APXs care failure

    Outerwear and Accessories
    So I got the APXs last season and I used it for maybe 12 days the whole season and I wiped whatever grime or fingerprints that was on the outside lens with the given bag flipped inside out. I got the inside wet a couple of times and I just carefully blotted the water off. Anyway at the end of...
  6. Smith Optics IO/X Snow Goggles Review

    General Equipment Reviews.
    I recently bought a pair of the Smith IO/X goggles, Darkness with Blackout lens. A bonus lens was included depending on the colorway. For the Darkness, it's a red sensor mirror. Note, although the red sensor mirror looks pinkish on the Smith website, they're actually a nice red that fades to...
  7. GOGGLE REVIEW: Quicksilver T-Rice Hubble

    General Equipment Reviews.
    Goggle has cool style. The lense is a good all around lense but not perfect for anything. Comfortable and fits awesome with no helmet. The sides of the frame and lens are bent in for full 180 vision. Especially good when your landing those spins. They do fog a bit when hiking or sweating a...
  8. Cant decide which googles

    Outerwear and Accessories
    I am stuck!! I cant decide if i should get Dragon APX or Electric Eg2 or VZ fishbowl OR Oakley Splice..... PLEASE HELP btw i have a bern baker helmet and i did decide to go with the apx should i get the apx or apxs somebody please help this is my first post so this might have been asked but i...
  9. goggle help

    Outerwear and Accessories
    hi guys i need help with goggles. i have only 90$, or max 100$. can you suggest me best goggle in this price? what about eg2s? or rossignol FAT LENS PURSUIT? sorry for my english. thx a lot...