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  1. I have no style and very little technique...can you critique my riding style?

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    keep in mind this is like my second time ever holding a GoPro while riding. basically just riding groomers here and speed checking every once in awhile since i wasn't completely comfortable holding the camera. i feel confident on heel and toe but i seem to ride my edges and kind of skid turn...
  2. Feeling comfortable at high it 100% mental?

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    been using the Trace app to track my speed and other statistics on the mountain. kind of bummed to see i max out at around 35mph, which, in my opinion, is sort of pathetic. i try to push it as much as possible but i think its almost completely mental for me. i can think of two reasons for...
  3. Best Twin board for powder (and groomers)

    My search goes on. I have narrowed down my criteria for my next All Mountain board. (Not necessarily in this order:) - Twin. I do more and more switch riding. - Carving. I love morning groomers. And I have some ski friends I need to keep up with:) - Powder. I love this even more, but honestly we...
  4. Board help

    Hello, I'm new here and I'm also in the market for a new board. So like most newbies i will ask your thoughts on boards as I live in one of the flattest places on earth (Saskatchewan) and can't demo anything. I grew up riding cambered boards and am currently riding an 08 forum lander 157 that...
  5. What boards are good for this riding style?

    This is pretty much what I do: Snowboarding Lake Louise - Gondola Lap - YouTube Just add a jump every now and then. What would be some good boards for that style? I'm looking to upgrade my setup. I'm pretty dead set on the Burton Ions boots and Cartel bindings. I've been looking at the...
  6. Arbor A-Frame vs Burton Custom?

    I'm looking for a board that does well on groomers, decent on powder on the odd day, holds an edge well and turns easily. I only ride groomers and powder whenever there is heavy snowfall. I also go on jumps every once in a while. I never go to the park. I would appreciate it if you recommend...
  7. Good setup for groomers, powder and jumps.

    I currently use pretty much the lowest-end Burton setup. Invader boots, White Collection standard board and freestyle bindings. As I learned more and more, I became apparent that my setup is pretty much the exact opposite of what I would want as a person that only rides groomers, and powder...