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    Hey all! My ideal riding style (Though I am nowhere near as skilled) is what you can see in the attached video. The thing is every video I see with this type of riding, they are using some japanese brand that isn't exactly available in Europe at least. Could you recommend some snowboards that...
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    Hi all :) I'm an intermediate freestyle rider. Can't just go down the hill, I'm always mucking about. All about the butters (firm favourite backside 360 nose rolls), 180s, 360s, tripods, throwing in some combos when feeling a bit bougie. UK based and get out to the Alps once a year, weekly...
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    I’m in the market for a new snowboard for next season and was interested in potentially picking up a Japanese snowboard, from the brand Yonex in particular. Scouring the english web doesn’t yield much result for information on these boards, so I was hoping somebody here might be familiar. My...
1-3 of 3 Results