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  1. Boards
    Hello Everyone, My friend will buy me a carving snowboard and we decided to buy Head E-Pulse LYT 155. One of a very good carver suggest me but I don't want to decide depending on one single person. Is there anyone who use this board? because I can even not find any user review about this...
  2. Boards
    So I bought this board off a friend with the intention of getting into the sport after a taster session but never did. I want to sell it but have no idea what it is worth I think it is a Nitro T1 board? And has a set of head binders can anyone recommend a price I should be asking. TIA
  3. Photography, Video, and Other Media
    Hiya guys. I have made a video clip about snowboarding that might inspire the viewer. Note: the shots were not taken by me nor I was snowboarding in the video. I just did the montage. YouTube video Hope you like it. chuwakid
  4. Slam Section
    With what happened to Schumacher and others when do you know if its something really serious I hit my head after wiping trying to avoid someone. Had helmet but felt a slight "brain rattle". 6 hours later I'm feeling OK but a sliiiight headache.
  5. Bindings
    Hi everyone, Some of you may have seen my thread about trying to get base plates to fit with my Head bindings for the Burton 3D hole pattern on a Burton Lux. Basically after going to multiple stores and trying numerous base plates I wasn't able to make some fit into my Head bindings. Yesterday...
  6. Bindings
    I got a Burton snowboard as a gift and it has the 3D hole pattern. I already have Head bindings and was wondering if it was possible to find a compatible disc for the bindings? I can't return the board so my only options are to find a new disc, drill into the existing disc, or get new bindings...
1-6 of 6 Results