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  1. Do I have too much toe and heel overhang?

    Hey I was just wondering if I have too much toe and heel overhang. I have a burton process flying V 157 with large burton mala vita bindings and a 10.5 size burton photon boa boots. Ill attach some photos. Thanks!
  2. I have no style and very little technique...can you critique my riding style?

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    keep in mind this is like my second time ever holding a GoPro while riding. basically just riding groomers here and speed checking every once in awhile since i wasn't completely comfortable holding the camera. i feel confident on heel and toe but i seem to ride my edges and kind of skid turn...
  3. Hopping drill - good on toe edge, crash on heel edge

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    I'm just learning to snowboard. There is a drill where you turn onto your toe edge and then bounce or do a small hop a couple of times and then turn on your heel edge and bounce or hop and then repeat down the hill. I am fine on my toe edge but as soon as I try the smallest bounce on my heel...
  4. Help for toe to heel turning?

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Hello! I'm new to these forums and also to boarding, so far I've gone up to the mountain once and I seemed to pick it up quite fast,I was doing the more difficult blue squares on my first day! Woo! The only major problem I'm having is when I go down some of the steeper runs and riding my toe...