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  1. Snowboarding General Chat
    i am 16 and i am 6 foot 2.... is there a such thing as too tall for freestyle snowboarding? all the pros are tiny haha (or at least shorter than me). just wondering how tall are you guys? anyone taller than me?:crazy7: and does it affect your riding/balance what so ever?
  2. Outerwear and Accessories
    I’m in a real big debacle here, I need a new jacket. Well I don’t really need one but mine is getting pretty cruddy… Anyways I am 5’4 about 130 pounds and I do prefer a bit more slimmer cut on pants and jackets. I just bought the burton destro pants a month or two ago and love them. Very...
  3. Boards
    Hi everyone, new member here. I'm a beginner at snowboarding, but I'm progressing very fast :cool: I'm looking for a new board for the next season, because of the limited choice of the boards,budget and my knowledge, and need help choosing one. My specs: height: 193cm / 6.3 feet weight: 93kg...
1-3 of 3 Results