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  1. Snowboarding General Chat
    Hey y’all, I’m hoping to get back into snowboarding and I’m currently riding on a 162 burton board but I think it’s too big. When sizing we went by weight and not height. I’m 5’4 and currently around 170lbs what size board should I use?
  2. Bindings
    I've been riding for a couple seasons and I just recently bought the Yes Greats snowboard with Union Strata bindings. I'm wondering if i should change my stance width, angle and highback angle to better benefit what i ride? I consider myself an all mountain freestyler that likes to have fun as...
  3. Bindings
    As the title suggests, I'm trying to find a good binding that works for pretty much everything. I'll be doing carves, jumps, side hits, jibs, butterings, etc. If you have another suggestion, I'll happily take that into consideration as well.
  4. Bindings
    I just recently bought the Yes Greats 156 and i’m not really sure which bindings to pick. I’m a do it all person, but i’ll be spending more time doing sidehits, buttering, jibs, jumps, carving and more. I just like to have fun while hitting the slopes. I won’t really be doing powdering, so...
  5. Bindings
    Hello fellas, i've got a question im a beginner who just buyed Burton Descendant 2020 160, for which bindings should i go Union Contact Pro or Flite pro? I'm open for another opinions, just trying to get the best setup for the board. Ps. Channel System
  6. Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hi, I’ve always wanted to snowboard, but never had the chance. Now that Im living in Montana, access to snowboarding has been made easier. Right now I’m looking into buying a board for beginners, but I’m a little lost. I found one which I like the design, and from my research, it might be a...
  7. Boards
    My ex left this board at my place and I've had it sitting in storage for 3 years now. Just want to identify the brand and year of it so I could possibly sell it?? I don't snowboard so have no use for it.
  8. Boards
    I got my CAPiTa Mercury in the mail 2 days ago, took it up the hill yesterday, and had an absolute blast. Today as I was getting ready to put in some Wall Bullets to hang it up, I noticed 2 chips in the top sheet near the sides. I'm not worried about the chips and I know that damage is...
  9. Boots
    Hey guys, I’m having some trouble with this. Everyone I see on the slopes has little to no toe/heel overhang, I have A LOT and can’t fully commit on toe turns. I adjusted my bindings and this is the best outcome I can get with a size 12 boot. Will this be okay? Does anybody have any tips? Im...
  10. Boards
    Hi! I need some help choosing boards because my feet are on the larger end so I want to make sure my feet don’t hang. Are there any brands that make shorter boards with wider waists? My measurements are: 5’4 (163cm) 130-135 lb 8.5 womens shoe (7 mens shoe) I was wondering if a 142cm board with...
  11. Boards
    I am trying to find the year this specific splitboard was made and it is proving difficult. can anyone help me? I will include a picture of the top and bottom.
  12. Boards
    Hello, I am a beginner snowboarder and I want to get a snowboard, can I get a smaller board, because I found a 145 cm one with step in bindings, I am 76 kg (170 pounds), height 179 cm (5'10 feets)
  13. Boots
    Hi, I am a beginner snowboarder who wants to buy my first board and boots and bindings but the problem is that I only have 400 to buy all of that. Of course, that means I would probably have to buy used equipment and I was wondering if these Sz 11.5 vans snowboard boots - sporting goods - by...
  14. Boards
    Hi, I'm a pretty beginner snowboarder looking to buy a snowboard for cheap and I found one on craigslist. I'm just wondering if this is worth it to buy or if it is junk. Anagram Wide Snowboard Snow Board K2 155cm Freestyle - sporting... Also if this matters at all I'm 5'8" and 135 and a size...
  15. Boards
    What’s up everyone, I’m looking to get a new park board and I can’t decide what to get. I’m 6’2”, 180lbs and I wear size 11 boot. I currently own a T Rice Pro 157, and I started jumping last year. This year I want to get good at jibbing, butters and improve my jumping. I snowboard in Wisconsin...
  16. Boards
    Hello, I decided to buy Lib Tech Orca but there is none in local shops, so I can't get any advice in shop and I have to buy it online. I am 5'7 (171cm) and I weigh 167lbs (76kg). I wear 8.5us boots (41.5 eur). Please help me to get right size. Thank you.
  17. Bindings
    I have been researching boards for the past few months and had settled on either getting the Niche Wraith or Niche Aether. Today I saw that they were on sale and i pulled the plug on a Niche Aether, 159 cm board for my 6'3 frame. Only question, I am not the most savvy with bindings, and need...
  18. Snowboarding General Chat
    Hi Guys I'm looking for some help I'm studying A Level Product Design and I need an idea for my project that counts for 50% of my grade. I'm a snowboard instructor in the UK and I really want my project to be about snowboarding as its my passion and it'd really make it easier to do the...
  19. Photography, Video, and Other Media
    Practiced some carving and just had some fun on the mountain this week!
  20. Boards
    Hey guys! I need some help for a new snowboard since I have very large feet (my Nitro Thunder TLS are Mondopoint 30 and are 32.5cm long). I've been riding a Vimana Vufo 159 with a width of 256mm I mostly hit the slopes and I am not an extreme carver, but I'd like to make my way into the park...
1-20 of 40 Results