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  1. Please help! Snowboarder Trapped in Japan!

    Regional Forums: United States
    My little brother, Maxx Waligora, is in serious need of help after succumbing to paralysis of his lower body due to a spinal infection. He is devastated that he may never be able to snowboard again. We're looking for help in any way possible. I will link his GoFundMe page shortly. Thank you.
  2. Wtf

    Hi guys new here just wondering if anyone has seen anything like this before I’m baffled I’ve recently purchased a new board unfortunately the hole pattern for bindings is nothing like have seen before and my base plates do not fit
  3. Please help me in choosing Jones board

    Recently, I thought about choosing a new board and decided to buy a Jones Carbon Flagship. What do you think, if I have a 10.5-11 US, should I choose regular version with 25.2 cm wide or wider version with 26.3 cm? Last 3 years I rode on a Lib tech Travis Rice Pro and it was exactly 25.2 cm...
  4. Snowboard advice and shipping to Australia

    Hello fellow snowboard peeps, I am new to this forum and wanted to seek some advice from the snowboard wizards out there and to those who have used websites like SAC (steep and cheap) before to get goods to Australia, if ever. SNOWBOARDS: When people ask me what sort of riding style I am...
  5. Board Selection

    Hi All, I have done a fair bit of research on the internet, including this site, but I still have massive confusion about board selection. I went to the local shop today, but of course they only had a limited number of boards and a million skiis. I've been boarding for probably about 4 years...
  6. Snowboard Size Help

    I’m looking to purchase the Bataleon Distortia as an all mountain freestyle board but I can’t decide on the size. I’m 5ft 5 and 75kg. Bataleon say the Distortia is suitable for 54-70+ kgs for both the 149, and the 152. I rode a 151 fun kick that is more flexible and suitable for 55 - 73kgs...
  7. Too small? Help!

    Hi! So I'm pretty new to snowboarding. I've recently started going on the blue and a little on red runs, finally getting a good grip on turns etc. BUT I have just purchased a Roxy Sugar 142 board and am worried I have made a big mistake on size. I fit within the weight limits- i weigh...
  8. Need help with board sizing

    I'm 5'10 weight 130 lbs and want to get more into park/street do you think a 155 is too big of a board? the board comes up to the bottom of my chin.
  9. Need advice please help! 156w or 158 Yes Typo?

    Hey guys, I am buying a Yes Typo snowboard. Should I be getting a 156w or 158? I live where there are just small hills so I will be riding mainly park just for something to do but I go to the mountains for a week every year and want a board good in powder and on blacks as well. I'm at a...
  10. Flow bindings size help

    I have Flow Fuse hybrid L and boot size 8 / 41. Looking at size chart M and L should be ok (M:4.5 - 8.5 L:7.5 - 11.5) but even after I moved highbacks and bindings forward as far as I could my toes are sticking out about 0.5cm and hells about 2cm so difference is pretty big and...
  11. K2 Maysis fitting issues

    Deep south boarder here trying to prepare for my annual pilgrimage to the hill. I'm trying to get my gear ready for this season ( I don't get the chance to do much riding, maybe 4 days a year), but I picked up a pair of K2 Maysis about a year ago. When I first got them I thought they felt a bit...
  12. Need help selecting board

    Hey all, I need help selecting a board as I'm a newbie and don't want to mess up. I went for my first time snowboarding bout 3 years ago (sadly haven't made it back), I'm finally going back in a couple months. I picked up snowboarding super quick when i went, went on to smash blue runs on my...
  13. New Board Advice

    Hey guys, back again with more annoying questions. Im gonna try to make this brief. Im 17, 5'9, 195, size 10 boot. Im an intermediate rider who rides in Vermont and Icy New England. Im looking to expand in my riding style. I want an all mountain board that is park oriented, playful enough for...
  14. Buying my second board

    Hey everyone, :) I need help in finding a board to purchase for the upcoming season. Im 17 years old 5'9 and 190. Last year was my first real year on the mountain and I had a Burton Jeremy Jones Nick Stix Custom. It was a fun beginner board. I clocked 22 days on the slopes last year and would...
  15. Need advice for buying a new board!

    Hello fellow boarders Im new to this forum and this is my first post. I have been boarding for around 3 years and now feel that im ready to buy a new and better board to further develop my skills on the mountain. Currently i ride a Salomon Lotus-which has served me well-but im now looking for...
  16. Tips/HELP on buying first board?

    Me and my buddies are planning on going to Colorado for the upcoming winter. I started snowboarding last winter and I got pretty decent at riding down the BLACKS at my local ski place. For the trip, instead of having to pay for rentals all 5 days, i was hoping on buying my own board to take with...
  17. Beginner Snowboarding Advice

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hey Guys, I am giving up the daily grind for a year or so and heading over to Canada (Banff) from Australia. I am really looking forward to picking up snowboarding but i have a couple of questions. I have done a fair bit of research and I have been to a snowboard store and got fitted for some...
  18. Buyin used snowboard

    Hi guys, I have been snowboarding for 4 years now and i am planning on buying my first snowboard. I have found some deals on my local shopping site something like a craiglist. So i was wondering what are your opinions on used snowboards and old ones(2007). I am talking about nitro mfm(2007)...
  19. New boots hurting toe

    Hi all I'm sure this is a very common question but i've purchased new boots and was told by the store assistant that the sizing was correct if not even possibly too big. I am a size 11 UK shoe and just bought a pair of ThirtyTwo lashed boots but when i stand up straight my big toe is pressing...
  20. Help with snowboard.

    Hey guys. I got a question about which snowboard would be better for me. Im trying to step up my snowboarding this season like go bigger jumps and stuff. So im looking to buy a new snowboard. Ive been looking through so many different 2016 snowboards and cant decide what i want. so i decided to...