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  1. Jones Hovercraft size

    Hey ! At the moment I decide between 156 and 160. It's my second deck in quiver and I'll predominantly ride it for powder/freeride, 50/50 pow fields|trees. I'm 175cm(5'9")/77-78 (170-172lbs). Usually my gear/equip is ~5-6kg ( with avalanche rescue package) Please share your experience ( and...
  2. Weston Backwoods vs Jones Hovercraft Splits

    Alright guys! So I was pretty much sold on the Hovy split by Jones, but have heard some good things about Weston's Backwood board. Has anyone ridden the Weston or Hovy or both... and can give some input? I'm looking for a board that can obviously float well, and initiate turns well. Going to be...
  3. Burton Dump Truck vs Jones Hovercraft splits

    Alright, it's that time of year and i'm looking for a new board. This will actually be for splitboarding in the Wasatch and some of the tetons. I want something really turny and playful, but can handle pow as well. Looking at the Dump Truck and Hovy. Any other recommendations?
  4. New 2018 Hovercraft Split

    Alright, I'm looking into getting a new splitboard! I spent this last season riding a Rossignol XV Magtek 163W. It felt too big, hard to move around in the Wasatch tree lines etc. So after much searching, I'm thinking about the new Jones Hovercraft split 160cm. I'm looking for something that is...
  5. FS: 2016 Jones Hovercraft 156, ridden 3 days

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    2016 Jones Hovercraft 156, ridden 3 days. Topsheet: 9.5/10 Base: 9.75/10 $310+ship via Paypal. Also open to trades, specifically 2015 or 16 Slash Brainstorm 157, or 2015 or 16 Salomon Sick Stick 156
  6. Worth waiting for the new Jones Line?

    Thinking about getting a new Jones board, wondering if it is worth waiting until next year for the new spoon tech? What do you guys think? Boardsport SOURCE ? European Surf, Skate, Snow Business - Jones Snowboards 2017
  7. Jones Hovercraft size?

    Hi guys, My weight is 170 lbs and I'm 6'. I'm looking to buy a Jones Hovercraft exclusively to ride pow, mostly in bounds maybe a cat trip or two. I'm looking to hear your experiences on this board. The question is: 156 or 160? Thanks Joao
  8. Jones Hovercraft 156 vs 160

    Hi all, Looking to pull the trigger on a pow board this year. I'm 6'0" 185lbs, size 10.5-11 boot. Currently riding a 159 Never Summer Raptor, which I really like, but do wish it was a tad longer for steeper / icier lines. I've had my eye on the Jones Hovercraft and am debating between a 156...