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  1. Buying a new board after 18 years

    While still kicking, my Burton Custom '97, Atlantis Freeride '98, and Nidecker Megalight '99 are in for a off-spring. So if you want to really blow my mind of what has been happening in the last two decades, which board should I go for? I'm based in Sweden, so any too exotic brands/boards might...
  2. Fs-travis rice pro 153

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    used for two seasons. no major base damage. bottom edges are great. top sheet has knits and damage that will be shown all in the pics. $230 shipped
  3. Intermediate rider in need of first time buying tips. Help!

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    After 6 years of renting in the alps, the last couple of times scoping indy shops to get a good set-up and spending far too much money, I've decided it's time to invest in my own board at last. My style: I love charging around hitting natural features while making pleennttyy of time for...
  4. Looking for good Hybrid or Camber, All-Mountain, Standard board

    Hey guys and gals, I was looking to see if anyone knew of a Hybrid or Camber All-mountain Medium to medium stiff flex board that is relatively cheap and a good bang for my buck. I need a standard (not wide) board between 150-165 cm. If anyone has any ideas, that would be great to hear from...
  5. Need help identifying new strap-in/step-in hybrid binding

    I was up last week snowboarding and I saw an interesting binding. It was like a standard strap-in binding (which stayed fixed on the boot) but the whole binding clicked onto the board (like a step-in). It seemed like a great compromise between the strap-in and step-in type of bindings...