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  1. easy carving board for ice and powder

    Hi guys, would love a specific recommendation please. I get confused with so much info/tech out there I currently own a salomon fastback 167 (i think it was the precursor to the Burner). I've been riding for about 12 years and am pretty comfortable on all of the mountain. However, these days...
  2. Advice on quiver

    Hello: I currently ride a burton custom flying v and I love it for most conditions (soft-powder) except ICE. While I really do enjoy this board, I would like to have another board for crappier conditions or for harder pack days (think crappy east coast days). I've been contemplating...
  3. Hips don't lie

    Slam Section
    I'm lucky enough not to have any serious injuries from snowboarding but I have had some bails that hurt like hell. When I first started doing rails I tried to 50-50 a long flat rail and took too much speed into it, about halfway down I slipped and landed directly on my hip on the rail. I then...
  4. its funny now?

    Slam Section
    Hey guys, just thinking what injuries have you had that when you look back on them seem pretty funny now. Heres one, my mate an i were boarding once going pretty hard racing. anyway i was in front and hit some ice. wasnt expecting it at all so went down straight away. being cool with out a...