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  1. Can Burton Cartel EST Binding Work On A Non EST Board?

    I have a normal screw hole snowboard and was wondering if I purchase EST Burton Cartels, will they not work?
  2. FLOW with Burton ICS channel board

    Hi guys, I'm looking to get 2014 Burton Custom Wide (ICS channel) board, but I really want to use it with Flow Fuse-RS bindings. I found ICS adapters (EST plates) for that, but I want to know if anybody actually tried this configuration or should I go with standard Burton EST bindings setup...
  3. switch x type step in bindings question

    i'm having a difficult time finding any detailed information or reviews on these so called "switch x type step in bindings". i want to know if its possible to combine them with a Burton ICS (in channel system) board, or if its a totally ridiculous idea. any information would be greatly...
  4. Burton Channel Adapter Plate for Drake Bindings (F-60)?

    I already have a general "help me choose bindings/board" thread here but wanted to ask specifically about Burton Channel (ICS) adapter plates for my old (circa 2001) Drake F-60 Bindings. I can't seem to...