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  1. Boards
    My ex left this board at my place and I've had it sitting in storage for 3 years now. Just want to identify the brand and year of it so I could possibly sell it?? I don't snowboard so have no use for it.
  2. Boards
    My husband originally bought this board for his younger sister sometime around 2005, she snowboarded once and hated it, years later I come along and it's about my size so I've been using it- I'm looking to find out what year this snowboard actually is, I know Roxy started making boards in 2003...
  3. Bindings
    Hey all, Bought these bindings from Play it Again Sports (2nd hand sports store) and was wondering what exactly I ended up with here. They were listed on the tag as "Burton Mission Bindings", however they have decals on all sides that say "Custom"? Anyway, here's a picture – any help is...
  4. Bindings
    I bought some boots and they came with bindings. They where unusual and I can find little to identify them. Hope someone here recognizes them. Note the over-center adjuster on ankle strap. The adjustable connection contains only a release, no ratchet. This is the only logo on the unit.
  5. Outerwear and Accessories
    i found them on this website but it doesnt show or say which lense they are. could someone help me please? thanks! (theyre the ones on the 3D view. gold outside and blue inside) p.s. the picture i posted looks very familiar to the lense, but its not the one Smith I/O Goggles 2014...
  6. Boards
    I'm trying to figure out what kind of board this is, my friend got it for me for when I go to visit him in Vancouver next week. It's a women's Burton, black top with design, a Canadian & Burton dragon decal but they might be stickers. Bottom is a blue/pink sunset thing. :dunno: Any ideas on...
  7. Boards
    I have a board that's about ten years old. I got it in HS when I was super against brand names.... I believe it to be a good brand, because I got it out of a CCS catalog or something, but I chose it because it wasn't festooned with brand names. Now I'm trying to sell it, but can't get what I'd...
1-7 of 7 Results