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  1. Boots
    the size 10.5 is SNUG. and the first two or three toes are scraping the tip of the boot. the size 11 is more comfortable out of the box, just the first toe is barely scraping. the heel SLIGHTLY lifts in the 11. not in the 10. 5 they are the Burton Imperials.
  2. Boots
    hey guys, no good shops in my area so i need to order boots online. SUCKS. anyway, i know i want somewhat stiff flex as i ride mainly trails and glades. i am an 11D on the brannock device. i am considering the Burton Imperial, the 32 Lashed, 32 TM-Two, 32 binary boa, and the 32 STW boa. I KNOW...
1-2 of 2 Results