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  1. Boots
    Hey guys. What's the common thinking regarding custom insoles for rental boots? I assume it's not a common question as most rentals are short term but I'm renting boots for the whole season and have been dealing with foot pain. I've been experimenting with different factors and luckily I've been...
  2. Boots
    Have you tried FP Insoles? They're by far the best for a custom boot fitting and impact protection.
  3. Boots
    Hi, I have bought new pair of boots today (Ride Insano) and now i need something to make these comfy as possible... Before i jump forward im going to explain few things about me: 1. Im complete noob when it comes to snowboarding, but i like it. 2. Why did i take more stiff boots if im looking...
  4. Boots
    I have been reading around and a lot of people say it's a good idea to get insoles for your snowboard boots. Any ideas what kind to get? As well what are the major benefits of getting them? All I have heard of are super feet
1-5 of 5 Results