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  1. Have you tried FP Insoles?

    Have you tried FP Insoles? They're by far the best for a custom boot fitting and impact protection.
  2. Cushy Insoles for my New Boots?

    Hi, I have bought new pair of boots today (Ride Insano) and now i need something to make these comfy as possible... Before i jump forward im going to explain few things about me: 1. Im complete noob when it comes to snowboarding, but i like it. 2. Why did i take more stiff boots if im looking...
  3. Insoles / footbeds

    I have been reading around and a lot of people say it's a good idea to get insoles for your snowboard boots. Any ideas what kind to get? As well what are the major benefits of getting them? All I have heard of are super feet