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intermediate riding

  1. Lib Tech Terrain Wrecker vs Jamie Lynn DAGMAR vs TRS

    Guys, I need a piece of advice. I cannot decide which board out of these three to choose. I am an intermediate rider who rides mostly groomers, powder and trees. I really enjoy speed and jumps (not really interested in rails) and I am looking for an All-Rounder that will last. These three...
  2. Int. / Adv. rider looking for advice on new board

    Hey, gang! I'm seeking some advice from experienced riders for my new board hunt. As I've finally gotten some serious seasons under my belt (not the 1-3 rides a season I've had since a kid), I'm looking to further understand the mechanics that go into my board and how they compliment my riding...
  3. Improve your riding - video tutorial to help intermediate riders become experts

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Our tutorial helps you fix the general problems that most riders experience while learning This is a free section of how to Improve Your Riding tutorial - Learn Intermediate Riding and Carving Skills on a snowboard | Snowboard Addiction This tutorial is on how to Improve Your Snowboarding...