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  1. Snowboard for intermediate

    Hi :) I have been snowboarding since 2017 on Burton Socialite. It's a rocker, so it's hard for me to learn carving. That's why I am thinking of changing the board into camber. I want one on which you can learn carving and practice switch too, Preferable base is sintered. Which specific models...
  2. intermediate/advanced all mountain board for petite girl in VT

    Hi! I ride mostly in Stratton and due to my small stature I'm having trouble finding my next board. I'm 5' even and 100 lbs. I started out with kids boards and then moved onto the Feelgood 144 back in 2006 but it felt a bit too heavy and possibly too long for me. I took a few years off when...
  3. Choosing a Snow Board

    I'm planning on buying my first snowboard and I'm having some difficulty choosing. So far I really have my eyes set on the K2 Turbo Dream 2016, but a a lot of websites have said that it is for advanced riders and I am only at a beginner/intermediate level. I was wondering if getting an advanced...
  4. Need some help picking out some bindings

    Hey guys, I'm an all mountain rider that likes to do some stuff in the park. that being said i have a 2014 Burton process flying V. also for boots i am looking at the Burton motos because they fit and felt great. i was wondering if the ride rodeos would compliment them nicely or...
  5. Intermediate rider looking for a new board

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hello, I am new to this forum, but not to the sport. I've been snowboarding for about four years now and currently ride my dad's old 163 K2 JuJu from the 90's with flow NXT-AT's from 2012. It chatters a lot and has taken beatings as it was the board I learned on. After years of service, it's...
  6. New bindings Switchback"Eiki Helgason Pro Model" vs "SWBK X TWSM" vs Tehnine Elements

    New bindings Switchback"Eiki Helgason Pro Model" vs "SWBK X TWSM" vs Tehnine Elements Hey! Spent the last week ripping the mountain and a small rail park, on the 5th day of the trip I managed to to break my bindings (K2 lowcost shit for 70$) that my dad bought last year. I am tired off...
  7. Looking to buy 145 board

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hey, I'm a new boarder and loving it. I bought a board but it's slightly too long and it's actually a woman's board (i'm not a woman) but I don't know if that makes that much of a difference. Just don't want to get laughed off the slopes.....any advice? Anyone know someone selling a 145 board...
  8. Jones Mountain Twin 161W or 164W

    So I've decided to get a Mountain Twin '14 instead of a skatebananana. The question is the length either a 161W or 164W Any thoughts on that? Specs: 38, 196cm (6'4") tall and 105Kg (230lb), size 11.5 boots. Intermediate level, riding a Burton King 167 camber now, wanted something a bit more...
  9. Lib Tech Box Scratcher for intermediate (first board)?

    I can get a 2013 box scratcher for a really good price but I'm worried it's a park board more that an all mountain. I like to cruise and maybe do a few jumps/boxes. Carving and high speed is also something I like. The snow here is generally man made and natural mixed depending on the time of...
  10. Board Advice: K2 Happy Hour 2013 vs Bataleon

    Hey guys! I really need some advice, I've narrowed down my choice to two boards but can't decide. I have just passed my rookie phase, would say I am intermediate :) I can make it all the way down on a slope without falling :) Also tried some more advanced stuff, a few kickers (small one, i...
  11. which board to get

    Hello forum, i have ridden a few times on rental boards. i am looking to buy my first board now. The two i am looking at are the 2013 burton blunt, and the 2013 burton clash. i am leaning towards the clash because i fond a really good deal on a package for the board and burton bindings for 335...
  12. Board sizing

    Hello forum, I am new to the forum and have a a question about board sizing. I am about 5"4 and 165 pounds and ride a 150 board when i rent. This board feels like the right size when i am riding. When i look online to buy a new board(my first board), they have many deals but most of them are for...
  13. linking turns..

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    I'm solid with my turns on less steep runs. When I get on those steep runs, I try get on my toeside to start carving, but my board's edge doesn't seem to slow me down, I find myself slipping.. So I just have to leaf down. Should I get my board looked at? Is this a fear thing..?
  14. Need help to choose best bindings

    Hey everybody, I just bought a K2 raygun 150, which is awesome i'm having a lot of fun but i have 2005 bindings, and i can't do this anymore to my board and to my feet ... So i want to change them, i'm interested in ride revolts seb toots pro model, i've tried them in shop they seems pretty...
  15. Forum Youngblood Doubledog 155W/157W

    Hello everyone, this is my first post in this forum, I hope I'm doing all right. The reason is that I want to buy new snowboard and am not exactely sure if it is good for what I want to do. First off to myself: I live in Germany and would call myself an intermediate rider, I have been...