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  1. Outerwear and Accessories
    saw this jacket in a video trying to find it online to buy it or something similar… it has a 2001 printed on it tried searching it and still can’t find it. Any help is appreciated thank you!
  2. Outerwear and Accessories
    I need this full checkerboard kit. Ideally L or XL. It’s the Vans Grunt jacket and pants from the 2006 season I believe. The same kit just recently sold online so I know it’s out there. If you have any leads please reply🙏 I love checkerboard and this is the best checkerboard kit I can find that...
  3. General Equipment Reviews.
    Hello everyone, this is my review and personal opinion on The North Face Mt. View Triclimate Jacket. The first two sections will be some info, and then the rest will be the review. Sorry if this is a bit long, I just want this to be a good, accurate review. ~GENERAL INFORMATION~ -Price : $54.18...
  4. Outerwear and Accessories
    Hi, I've been looking for a snowboard jacket for a long time, and I can not find anything interesting. More specifically, I mean jackets with different cool colorful patterns of the "gagabo" brand type. But something thicker something we do not assume as the 2nd layer, but as a normal jacket...
  5. Outerwear and Accessories
    Hey all, Just searching for some more personal experiences with wearcolour /CLWR clothing brand. There arent that many options with board equipment and clothing where I am, and CLWR seem to be the best out of what I can get in terms of colour, appearance and design. However I saw one thread...
  6. Outerwear and Accessories
    I've searched all the internet for this jacket but it seems to be sold out everywhere. I can't even find any on eBay (I'm a medium). Does anyone know where I can find this jacket? If not, do you know why its nowhere to be found?
  7. Snowboarding General Chat
    Hey everyone, Quickly wanted to introduce myself on here. Long time lurker but just now decided to sign up! I've been riding for about 12 years but cant say I'm amazing by any stretch of the Anyhow I came across this site because I'm looking for amazing end of season...
  8. Outerwear and Accessories
    Hey Guys, just found a rad Oakley jacket for sale, 15k membrane and insulation, However I could not find the model onlyne by the image. Does anyone have a clue what model is this (photo attached)? Thanks in advance!
  9. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I've got two of these jackets that I don't wear anymore and are too big for me. Looking for $80 each. They're good jackets and Holden ones tend to run ~300+. 10k/10k waterproof/breathability in both the Bone and Purple colors. Good enough to snowboard in most temps with just a shirt underneath...
  10. Outerwear and Accessories
    what's with these dudes? their jacket fell apart after like 3 sessions: i reached out to them 6 months ago (seriously, in May) and the owner Daniel got back to me. initially they were hesitant to give me any type of replacement b/c of the model jacket and when it was made. after going...
  11. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Selling Grenade Fatigue Project Jacket Size M - $100 Up for sale is a mint condition Grenade fatigue project jacket, size Medium. Retail Price was $189.95 I am selling it for $100. It is Black/ White in color, with a black liner and cool grenade art on the inside out. there are no rips, tears...
  12. Outerwear and Accessories
    Bought some new gear last year (Burton & Homeschool) and both are falling apart... do either have decent customer service? how should i go about contacting them? i imagine they won't do anything, but i only rode in this stuff maybe 3 times. the Burton pants are torn right along one of the...
  13. Outerwear and Accessories
    anybody know any steezy lookin sweatshirts for snowboarding that are relatively cheap? hook me up with some links.:jumping1:
  14. Outerwear and Accessories
    Hi there, I'm looking for a site/company/shop that does custom designs for skiing jackets - with logos. I know that simply sewing a patch logo will mess with the waterproof aspect, so I'm looking for other solutions. My idea is a superman design - a good quality blue coat with central chest...
  15. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I have 2 jackets and 1 mitten for sale. $100 / Sessions Militia jacket / size XS / Olive / 15k waterproof 10k breathable $80 / 686 x Fallen collaboration limited edition Cobra Softshell jacket / size S / Teal / 10k waterproof 8k breathable $60 / Candygrind Handbag leather mitten / size S /...
  16. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Looking for a new snowboarding jacket? Here's your chance to get an awesome deal! :jumping1: :jumping1: :jumping1: My parents got me a new jacket but I would prefer to pay rent on time this month! Help a brother out!!! :snowboard2: [Edited by mod: Please read buy and sell guidelines...
  17. Outerwear and Accessories
    So I'm going up to Keystone tomorrow and the high temp around noon is 41*, but it should be mid to upper 30's most of the day. I usually ride in the spring at Big Bear and never wear more than a tee shirt and water resistant hoodie. How should I layer for tomorrow? i know ill need my heavy...
  18. Outerwear and Accessories
    i just bought a size large jacket online. nice jacket, but my god it is BIG. i am 5'11, 195lbs and the large fits huge. do all of their products fit this way? its this jacket FYI Homeschool Snowboarding Cosmos 2.5L Shell Jacket | evo outlet
  19. Outerwear and Accessories
    YO I saw this jacket and it is looking fly af but I think its from 2011 so i can't find it anywhere. Anyone know where to get a similar one or just a cool pull over jacket that would match purple&orange gear?
  20. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I used to have this jacket.. and it got stolen. I am looking for a used/new AK hover foxglove (light purple) in LARGE size for men.. msg me if u have one.. to sell.. its from 2010.. thcx:facepalm1:
1-20 of 48 Results