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  1. [WTS] Bunch of Men's Outerwear and Layers

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    Cleaning out my closet to fund my winter excursions. Located in Denver, but willing to ship as necessary. Pics: Verification Photos: The North Face Front Point Jacket, Men's Small - $200 MSRP $549 MEN’S FRONT POINT JACKET | The North Face Absolutely perfect condition 10/10. L.L.Bean...
  2. Another big guy looking for fellows in misery

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hello everybody, I´m a 6'9 - 330pds somewhat advanced rider. (To avoid any misunderstanding - I can still move pretty decent and my shoulders are wider than my hips :laugh2:) Been doing this for almost 20 years now, living close to the alps at the present time, due to job relocation. Currently...
  3. What is the deal with Homeschool?!

    Outerwear and Accessories
    what's with these dudes? their jacket fell apart after like 3 sessions: i reached out to them 6 months ago (seriously, in May) and the owner Daniel got back to me. initially they were hesitant to give me any type of replacement b/c of the model jacket and when it was made. after going...
  4. 2018 burton ak

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Anyone have pictures of next years (2018) AK jackets and all the colorways? Can't find the 2018 burton softgoods catalog online. Thanks! Rune
  5. Burton [ak] 2L Cyclic Jacket Sizing

    Outerwear and Accessories
    It's that time of the year again and the snowboarding closet needs a bit of an update from my previous boarding gear (3SC). Looking to purchase either the 15/16 Cyclic jacket or the 16/17 Cyclic jacket. Just need some advice for the sizing side of things. I'm 5'10, 176lbs, athletic build with a...
  6. Horsefeathers jacket & pants question

    Outerwear and Accessories
    Hello, I'm a rather inexperienced rider currently living in Serbia, Europe. I have a chance to buy a cheap pair of Horsefeathers pants (50% off) and a jacket from the same manufacturer. I currently don't have a pair of snowboarding pants and I have a Nitro Citizen jacket. My question is, how...
  7. Best way to clean white jacket.

    Outerwear and Accessories
    So, I bought a jacket this season that is white on some areas. I've used it on some warmer days, and it's gotten a little dirty in some spots, especially around the wrist. I have no idea on what would be the best way for getting it clean, and wasn't sure if putting it in the washing machine...
  8. Outerwear for shorter/slimmer riders

    Outerwear and Accessories
    I’m in a real big debacle here, I need a new jacket. Well I don’t really need one but mine is getting pretty cruddy… Anyways I am 5’4 about 130 pounds and I do prefer a bit more slimmer cut on pants and jackets. I just bought the burton destro pants a month or two ago and love them. Very...
  9. I'm picky

    Outerwear and Accessories
    Looking for a new jacket that I can keep using for hopefully the next few seasons but I'm picky. Went through the whole jacket section on and I didn't really like any of them or if I did, they didn't have my size or the color I wanted. I really like the whole varsity jacket design...
  10. FS: Ride Snowboard Pants and Jacket (both size L)

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    I've lost quite a bit of weight recently and both the pants and jacket are too big for my liking. They are in excellent shape and have no tears or major signs of wear. The jacket and pants can be zipped together to avoid getting wind on your backside when you strap and to keep out the snow on...
  11. Good prices on past season jackets?

    Outerwear and Accessories
    With the late snow we had last year and me being a little slow getting my bindings I did not have any jackets yet so I'm sure some good sales are going on but what are some legit sites? I think I remember some were not too impressed with the House board shop?
  12. Looking for jacket/pants

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    WTB Clampdown jacket and Cappel/Holden pants I am looking for a Cappel Clampdown jacket in L or XL and Cappel Bankrobber or Holden Standard Skinny pants in L or XL as well. Let me know! :thumbsup: