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jib board
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    155lb, shoe size 9.5, height 5’8”, board size 151 or 154 or not much difference ?
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    Im looking at getting a new board this year, i just ordered some Union Force bindings. I was recommended Rome Artifact. Thats my main choice right now but want some more opinions . I am 5"4' 150 . i want something in the range of 145-147 i think that is a good jib size for me, i primarily like...
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    Thinking of picking up a new board next year I'm conflicted between a dinosaurs will die maet or a bataleon disaster or airobic any opinions? I like the idea of tbt cause I wouldn't have to detune my edges but I've never tried it, any opinions?
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    What do u think about these 2 boards? looking for a buttery board that is decent in all mountain. both graphics are pretty sick. Maybe the happy place is better in all should be a little stiffier than the lobster. Any opinions about this 2 boards?
1-4 of 4 Results