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  1. Girl on men's park board?

    I am wanting to buy a new board, specifically tailored to jibbing. I am 5'3", 120lbs, and would consider myself an intermediate-advanced rider. I am looking for a noodle, I want something super soft and I cannot find anything that would suit my style for women's board. I currently ride 2...
  2. Rome Reverb Rocker question?

    just got the new Rome Reverb Rocker 2014. Anyway, since the board is a rocker camber hybrid will it catch edges easy on rails and boxes? i plan on hitting large jumps and jibbing with it so hopefully not.
  3. Need a new jib board

    My board got stolen today while I was in the lodge eating lunch so i obviously need a new board. I'm 5'9 140 pounds. The board that got stolen was a salomon Salvatore Sanchez 151 with Rome mob bindings. I want a board that is really good for messing around on jibs and small jumps. Something...
  4. Union bindings?

    So Im somewhat brand new to snowboarding with the exception of boarding Big Bear a couple times and Mammoth once. I have only rented equipment and never really payed much attention to what I was riding and never took the plunge and bought my own gear. Now I have officially bought my own board...
  5. What board should I buy?

    Hi Snowboarding forum, I want to buy a new board. I'm looking for a pretty soft jib/park board. My current board is a Lobster park board 151 but I find it to long, also I think it is a bit too stiff, but I do like the TBT. I don't have the option the test boards because the nearest snowboard...
  6. Bindings only for use with jibs

    So I recently bought a lobster Jib Board 148. Im 5'8" and 130 pounds. Ive been trying to decide on getting flux ds30's or flux rk30's. Whats the difference? These bindings would be used only for buttering pressing and jibbing around the park and in the streets. I just want a soft comfortable Jib...
  7. Board for all mountain and rails

    What board should I get for 50% park 50% all mountain? In the park I'll be riding mostly rails so I'd definitely like something with a softer flex. Out of the park I'll be riding everything from trees and steep hardpack to powder. Also what size should I be looking at if I'm 6'2 150? I was...
  8. Fun Runs Episode 2 : Hunter

    Photography, Video, and Other Media
    Hey guys! New to the forums here. Just thought I'd share with everyone some footage me and my homies got in a few hours at our local mountain Hunter, NY. Check it out! and like/share if you want :) Riders: David Johnson Brandon Maxwell Jesse Del Vescovo Watch in HD...
  9. Union Force Bindings?

    This year, I have Flow NX2-GT's. I personally don't like them. I don't like how heavy they are and they don't feel like they have very good response with the board. I hope to sell them, and buy Union Force. From what I have heard, They are a great park binding for jibbing and freestyle. I am...
  10. Another 'recommend a board' thread!

    Hi all, Yes, it's another recommend a board thread - all input greatly appreciated! So currently I have a stiff, aggressive all-mountain board and now looking to get something a bit more park/jib orientated that's good for buttering. I'll need it to be reasonable on groomers - not a 100% park...
  11. WTB Capita 154-158 park

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hi, looking for a park board, preferably capita, preferably with no camber or reverse camber but i'll look at anything. Thanks!
  12. Bataleon Airobic: Binding Recommendation

    I’ve decided to buy a 2012 Bataleon Airobic (unless someone can convince me to buy a noodle from Capita, like a horrorscope, but I’m pretty set). I scoured the forum and it seems some of you (NIVEK, callin you out brother) have some sort of sage-like wisdom when it comes to bindings/board...
  13. Jib City

    Jib City

    Secret backyard stash
  14. Canoe Jib

    Canoe Jib