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  1. Snowboard Instructor

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Hey guys, So I'm considering taking off my spring semester of college to work out in the ski industry in the mountains for the season. I'm an Outdoor Recreation major and would like experience as an instructor because I would eventually like to work as a backcountry guide for a heliskiing...
  2. No money in instructing

    Snowboarding General Chat
    I just got a job working weekends as a snowboard instructor at Gunstock. I'm just doing it for fun, but damn was I surprised at the shitty pay. It only pays 7.50/hr and only if you have a lesson. Do all mountains pay this badly? I'm just glad that I'm not trying to do it as a full time job. It...
  3. Getting a FT job at Vail or Beaver Creek?

    Intermountain US
    Hey guys. So I recently moved (maybe only temporarily) to Avon from the East Coast and am currently looking for a full time job/seeing what the prospects are out here/chillin (I'm staying with someone who makes snow at the Beav so we've been exploring a bit.) I got my BA about a year ago in...