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    Hi there, I have been reading tons, here at this forum and elsewhere in different shops and forums. I am considering a few snowboards and I would like to make the right choice. My profile is: I like speed, therefore I reckon I need a stable and somewhat medium/rigid snowboard. I don't touch...
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    hey i took a vid of me doing trying out ollies, and I just want to know if I am doing them right. Is there anything else I can do to improve them? should i lean back more? I dont cause i heard you can get hurt leaning back when going off jumps. Thanks!!!! This is the vid...
  3. Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    I'm just learning to snowboard. There is a drill where you turn onto your toe edge and then bounce or do a small hop a couple of times and then turn on your heel edge and bounce or hop and then repeat down the hill. I am fine on my toe edge but as soon as I try the smallest bounce on my heel...
  4. Snowboarding General Chat
    so tomorrow here on long island were getting 8-12 inches of snow, and i was jw if this would be enough snow to build a jump to do front flips off of because i won't be able to see a mountain for awhile and last time i left one i was so close to landing it, any opinions are welcome
  5. Snowboarding General Chat
    Hey Guys, I'm making a backyard snowboard drop-in. It's an 8ft drop-in, and I have a few PVC rails to use with it. I want to make a jump, but not sure what I should do. Should I just make one out of snow, or make one out of wood that would be covered by the turf I'm using for the drop in? If I...
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    I'm 6'1" and 135lbs (yes I'm 135) and I wear 11-11.5 boots. I bought the Union Contact last February and I love them! So this year I'm renewing my stuff, but I'm keeping the Union. I picked up the T. Rice Pro HP 157 (I prefer to ride smaller boards) since it's lightweight and excellent for jump...
1-6 of 6 Results