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  1. Boards
    Hey Guys. I‘ll try to make it short: I am looking to buy a new Snowboard for the next season. I have been riding the Salomon The Villain and I was super happy with this board, but I‘d like to have something a bit more stable and aggressive. My must haves are: True Twin because i love riding...
  2. Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Hey guys, First, some background(skip below for the questions): I am an intermediate rider and spent most of my time freeriding/carving. I recently started doing straight airs at the park, have good idea of the speed needed for the jump and can do simple grabs. I can do 180s on flat ground...
  3. Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Does anyone have any pointers or things to take into notice when getting into freestyle? I've been trying to get into it, but I'm not sure how to. I've been getting into jumps and trying to do some basic 180s and 360s, but I can't seem to get them down. :dizzy:
  4. Snowboarding General Chat
    I wasn't sure where else to post this, so I figured here was good. This is mostly referring to jumps. Is it just me, or is snowboarding missing a lot style these days? It seems like we have kids throwing every type of rodeo, backside 7, backflip, frontflip, you name it, but I've yet to see...
  5. Snowboarding General Chat
    What's the worst injury you have received while shredding!
1-5 of 8 Results