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    Okay so I am looking into to buying my first snowboard. I'm an intermediate rider. 65/35 between mountain & park. I like carving down the mountain but I also like flying down. I'm just beginning to do some grabs while going off jumps. Being that I'm only gonna get better I want a board that's...
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    Hey i was looking at a new board and i narrowed my choices down to the 2014 arbor westmark, 2013 lib tech skate banana, 2014 k2 fastplant, and 2014 dc ply. i ride park mostly with some time spent outside of it. i ride powder a couple times a year. i heard that the durability of the arbor...
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    I've been looking at board lately and these two have struck me as really good all mtn boards. I'm the kind of rider who hasn't really found what they would do if they were alone on the mtn yet, I would search for pow, bomb runs, go through trees, goin down the more "advanced" runs, and running...
1-3 of 3 Results