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  1. Boards
    Hey Guys I recently bought a Kessler Cross 153 (2017 black version) for BX racing and I am meeting with some pros over the weekend what sort of pen should I use to achieve the best signature??? sharpie, paint pens or SRX pens etc. ????? and also what colour. The deck of a Kessler is also...
  2. Boards
    Hey guys, Just before i start the post, I'd like to point out...FIRST POST! *cough* Anyway, --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm thinking of buying a Kessler board since I've heard of it's reputation and I am quite serious about snowboarding. I...
  3. General Reviews
    Edit: Delete please. Just realised it's the wrong forum.
  4. Bindings
    I need some suggestions for bindings. I have par of 2010 Union force binding from my last board and I think I need stiffer and more lock in feel bindings for this Kessler Ride 176. Do you think its a enough difference between force to a stiffer binding to buy a new one? If yes what do you...
1-4 of 4 Results