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  1. Please vote for my snowboarding movie :)

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  2. Women's board or Kid's board?

    I have problem on choosing the version of NS Proto Type for my girl friend. Since she has been using her Burton Social 136cm for years, I am thinking to get her a new board as gift. She is 24yo, 5'1, and 105 lb, living in the east and riding hard snow most of the time. She is good at riding...
  3. 5 year old seems stuck

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Hi, I need some advice on teaching my son. Last year was his first season at age 4. He had instruction on a regular basis. This year we are at a pretty sad location with little in the way of instruction. He started the year zipping down the hill like a scud missile and squatting very low, then...
  4. Meet the Worlds Greatest Babysitter

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  5. Burton Chicklet 100 w/ Bindings Price Check

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    I have two Burton Chicklets 100 that I'm planning on selling this fall in order to upgrade my daughters set ups. The boards are only 2 years old and in near perfect condition. What would be a good price to sell these along with the Grom bindings? I was thinking $150 a piece. Does that sound...
  6. Kids Snowboard

    Hello, I am looking to buy my little brother his first snowboard and with that not looking to spend to much. He is about 4' 10" 100lbs and a beginner would it be ok to get him a "women's" board if it is the right size for him? Please let me know Thank You, MJ
  7. Calling All Parental Units...

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    So my son is turning 4 in October so I picked him up the K2 Turbo Grom package. Going to shop for a decent base layer for him, but I have no clue what I am looking for in a helmet. Do you put a hat/beanie under the helmet? Or how to get him going with snowboarding. Do you still teach the...
  8. Kids - K2 Vandal vs Arbor Element Mini

    Hi everyone! First post... my son and I have really gotten into boarding since last year, and I want to upgrade him. He currently rides an Atlantis Zilla that I got used. Really there is nothing wrong with his board... but he gets good grades, shreds nicely, is just starting park (he's 10...